Mathews Classic....TONS of Accessories....

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    Two year-old RH Mathews Classic bow. This bow has a 29 inch drawlength, and 60 pound draw weight, and is decked out in Realtree Hardwoods HD camo. This bow has been extremely well maintained, and is in excellent condition (a few minor scratches, and a little normal wear on the camo around the handle). This rig is fully decked out with top notch accessories, which include-

    Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter drop-away arrow rest
    Cobra "King Cobra 1" adjustable fiber-optic sight (brand new)
    Sims X-Press Stabilizer (camo)
    Sims Limbsaver Cable Dampener
    Sims Virgin Teflon cable slide
    Sims Limbsavers (4)
    Sims Mini Limbsavers (4, on bow, rest, and sight)
    Sims Super String Leeches (2)
    G5 3/16" Meta Peep
    Camo wrist strap (braided)
    T.R.U. Speed Nok with peep aligner
    Eliminator Buttons
    Kwikee 4-Arrow Combo Quiver Realtree Hardwoods HD Camo
    Loesch Enterprises custom laminated handle/scales (black/walnut)....Check them out,
    Carbon Express Terminator Hunter (4560) arrows, fletched with reflective white wraps and NAP QuikSpin 4" vanes (one dozen)
    Scott Wildcat Release (rod connection, buckle strap, camo)

    This is one sweet-shooting rig....Smooth drawing, zero hand shock, and very, very little noise at the shot. Other features on this bow are the Mathews harmonic dampers, and string suppressors. The bow weighs a little over four pounds with everything on it, is 36" axle-to-axle, with a 7" brace height, and has 80% let-off. As stated earlier, this bow is in excellent working condition, and is fully tuned and ready to hit the woods. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Also, I can email you some pics if you're interested.

    $800 Negotiable