Mathews Drenalin vibrates and bites.

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  1. Well, I've been a big fan of Mathews bows for that past two years (owned and loved the Switchback and Switchback XT), but after test shooting a Mathews Drenalin, I'm dissappointed to say the least. The hand shock is very noticable compared to the Bowtech Guardian and Hoyt Vulcan (two bows I own). Also, this is the first bow in two years that has ever given me a string rub on the wrist. The draw is very smooth, but the vibration in the hand is not what I've come to expect from Mathews. I wanted to add the Mathews Drenalin to my 2007 bow collection, but I'm having second thoughts now. Has anyone else noticed this about the Drenalin? I think Hoyt and Bowtech have Mathews beat this year.

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    :faint: Somebody came on here and said a negative about Mathews:nono:

    :popcorn: This should get good.

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    I shot a Drenalin at my local shop and it did not do that at all for me. I thought it was pretty quiet actaully.
    I'm not a Mathews cheerleader but that bow may not have been set up quite right...


  4. I suppose you may be right sir. Then again, it was the test firing bow that half a million people have fired. I still may make the plunge and get it. My first impression was just not as good as when I fired the Hoyt Vulcan and the Bowtech Guardian. I have never been partial to any bow company. If I had the money I would own the top of the line bow from each company. One company I'm starting to take a real interest in is Ross bows. I want to fire the new Ross Cardiac bad. Also Whisper Creek bows look very good. I also want to test fire the new PSE X Force. Alas, so many great bows, so little money.

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    You may be right that having a Half million people test shooting it, that something may have been off. Most test bows are never treated well or as our own when we test fire it.

    I would bring it up to the shop and have another bow set up as close to your current setup (draw, rest, arrows) or have them inspect the test-bow. I have shot the SB and the “D”… good shooting bows and I have to say neither one had noticeable hand shock.
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    I have to agree, I think Mathews got it right with the switchback. It is very hard to top that bow. That thing was a shooter. I had one for two years and absolutely loved it. I just got the itch to buy a new bow this year and after shooting a couple of new ones, the vectrix xl was the one that I preferred the most. The drenalin is still a good bow, but I personally think it did not feel as good as the switchback that I was shooting at the time.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    Finally someone agree's w/me.....and a few other guys that have OWNED the SB or SBXT.....

    as far as hand shock and vibration the stock Drenalin is not close in either catagory, however install an STS on the Drenalin and it brings it into the same levels of each as the 2 previosly mentioned bows......
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    I have owned this year:
    2 SB XT's
    07 Tribute
    07 Vectrix

    I have shot and setup my brother's Drenalin and also shot the demo bow at the shop for awhile.
    There is a big difference in a setup and tuned Drenalin copared to the shop bow. It's just as quiet and shock free as any other Mathews. I owned the original Switchback as well and the Drenalin in everything that bow was.

    I thought the same thing that Bowtech and Hoyt had Mathews beat this year until I actually spent time with offerings from each company.

    The Tribute was decent but I didn't like the grip. The round riser didn't work well with my personal grip. If the bow was slightly out of tune it was loud. In tune and it was quiet as a church mouse. Shock free as well. I'm not a fan, however of the binary cam system. A bit too finicky for me.

    My problem with the Vectrix is that it actually needs all that rubber on the string and in the riser and limbs to keep it quiet. I know Mathews has the same dampening stuff but I like the way it is built into the bow, not just added on. The Vectrix had more handshock and string buzz than the other 2 even with thier version of the STS.

    Hoyt and Bowtech each had features I liked over the Mathews. But as far as the Total Package, the Mathews is hard to beat.

    This is just my opinion. I have owned and shot the new bows and this was my conclusion.
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    I too do not think the Drenalin stacks up to my XT. I shot the Drenalin and Vectrix and felt they were very equal in handshock,noise. Of course I think the main reason for the Drenalin not stacking up is the lighter weight and faster speed. I also shot the Guardian and Vulcan which were below the Drenalin and Vectrix.:peace:
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    Maybe try and shoot a non-demo that so many people have shot before. 1/2 million people is a lot of shots...

    Just today I shot a Gander Mountain private label bow that was really good. Looked kind of like a Diamond Liberty but was priced at $499. It shot really well.

    There are a lot of posts out here that praise Ross bows. I'd like to shoot one but nobody around here has them. Some of the 'underground' bow companies that don't spend big advertising/marketing/merchandising buck seem to have some good stuff out there. That's the way Bowtech used to be.



    A friend of mine bought the drenalin. He ordered it at the same time I ordered my guardian. His bow came in 3 weeks befor mine (I am a lefty and production on the LH was a month behind) and that sucked. For 3 weeks he did nothing but talk smack. I shot his bow and told him it was not as smoth as the guardian. When my bow came in he shot it and hasent said anything sence. Also shot bowth trough the crono with the same arrows bowtech 292fps mathews 293fps bowth have 70# libs. I would also like to say I am not bias. My last bow was a hoyt befor that Jennings but I am sold on the smoothness and speed of the guardian and I prefur duel cams.