Mathews Legacy 30in Draw READY TO HUNT

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    I am selling this bow for my dad he bought it brand new in 03 and i guarantee he only shot this bow maybe twice, it might have 50 arrows shot through it.
    What is for sale is....
    Mathews Legacy 30 inch draw length
    Quicktune 3000 micro arrow rest
    Toxonics 4 pin sights with level
    3 Rod Stabelizer
    Detachable Mathews/Arrow Web Quiver
    Peep Sight and D-loop
    12 CarbonExpress CX300 arrows
    -10 with field tips
    -2 with spitfire expandable broadheads
    Also comes with a strap on release
    I am not even kidding that this bow is in super shape and whoever gets it will be more than suprised at how nice this thing is it is basicly NEW no wear on the strings, no nicks, scuffs, or any sign of use on this bow it is sweet.
    $600 TAKES IT HOME
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    Price Drop

    $500 plus shipping