Mathews OVATION and all the extras and then some F/S

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    This bow was purchased new last year. It has barely been used and is "as new" condition.

    The Ovation is Matthews Bow that was built for accuracy.

    Draw Length 29" ( I use a release )
    Weight now is 71 lbs it can be adjusted down to 60 and up to 75

    as pictured

    As is now
    Ovation Bow
    Sure Loc 3D/Target Sight
    Razor pins
    Elavation and windage knobs
    Precision rest
    Easton Redline precison 3D/target arrows

    pics are kinda poor, everything looks dusty. I assure you everything is as new!


    Additional Accesories
    Whisker Biscuit
    Trpohy ridge Hunting sight
    Easton Axis Hunting arrows
    Bow Center Square
    True Ball release
    Fleece wrist strap
    Multiple fletchings
    3D/Target Quiver
    Arrow puller and lube

    Please e-mail me offers at wyowhisper @ A O L . com

  2. wyowhisper

    wyowhisper Guest

    obviously I have alot invested..... I'd like to get a reasonalbe amount back...

    as I said make a reasonalbe offer for all of it and I am willing to deal...