Mathews Switchback, Wow!

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Chris, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Well, we have had our Demo Switchback in the shop for almost a week before I got a chance to set it up and shoot it.

    Now I have sold lots of Outbacks and they are great bows. However, the Switchback is in a league by itself.

    I shot this bow at 69# according to my scale with only a loop on it. No sight, no stabilizer and it did not have the brass dampners in it, just the aluminum dampners. We shot my hunting arrow through it which is 413 grains Axis 400 arrow.

    When fired, the bow absolutely does not move, no vibration, no noise, period. If your curious to the about a smoking 285fps with a 413gr arrow at 29" draw?

    Now I'm not hyping Mathews because I in fact shoot a Hoyt, but this Switchback is amazing.
  2. glenny

    glenny Guest

    I want to experiment with it?

    As the official bowtester,I am going to shoot it side by side with the allegiance.
    I will make my comparision and post it here soon as the ups guy makes his rounds.
    I have not shot it yet,and won't till it comes in I promise.
    Sounds perty sweet,sure did love that outback,What is up with these names they give them anyways.