Mathews, very nice bow, but???

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  1. Just picked up my Mathews Switchback three days ago and have been nothing but pleased with it so far. I also, shot a Hoyt and a Bowtech the other day and they all shot just as good as my Mathews (in my beginner opinion). My question is, are Mathews bows really just that much better then every other bow company, or does Mathews just brain wash everyone through there never ending media blitz in advertisements on all the hunting shows I watch? Mathews advertisements kind of remind me of how Canon cameras uses so many commericals to flood the market with there product. They make good cameras, but other camera companies are just as good, but don't drive the point down your throat every chance they get. What is the deal with Mathews bows anyway???

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    I am not lucky enough to get any of the outdoor type channels, so I have not noticed this.......its advertising though and every company is the same.....if you made a product and wanted it to sell....and say you had an almost unlimited supply of advertiseing money wouldnt you adverties like crazy also....

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    I don't know if Mathews is a better bow or not. I think there are a lot of really good bows out there. I think different is a more appropriate term than better. It comes down to a persons personal preference. Each one will feel different on the draw, at the shot, and after the shot. What each person likes it to feel like will be different. That is why there are so many opinions. I shoot a Switchback. I've never shot a Bowtech or Hoyt. I've heard a couple Trykons and know I would not buy one unless they come with earplugs, but I can't comment on Bowtech. I like my Switchback, I like Mathews as a company, I like the values Matt McPherson lives by, and I like guitars.

    I don't get the outdoor channels or hunting magazines either so the advertising thing isn't why I shoot a Mathews.
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    my cousin just went and bought a switchback xt this summer we went to a 3d shoot and i smoked him with my cheap old alpine 388/400 vs his 355/400 so i think its all the shooter and confidence in ur bow
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    Well as they say it is not the bow that makes the shooter but the shooter that makes the bow:amen: . I made the mistake a couple weeks ago by shooting a Hoyt Trykon at the nearby indoor range. I still shoot my Darton Lightning bow that has done very well for me over the years. After shooting the Hoyt I started thinking how nice it would be to upgrade. Well the search began after shooting a few different bows and narrowing it down to 3 I ended up with a Mathews Switchback XT. This is the one that felt the best to me shooting was a tight choice between Hoyt and Mathews. The Pro Shop was great not only was the bow itself $70 cheaper I also bought new accessories no sales tax on total sale :rockon: :rockon: .

    Well time to set the Darton aside and make room for the new bow in the house.
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    Mathews has by far the most money in advertising and sponsorships out there and they have for a pretty long time. Its to the point now where it is pretty rare to see a hunting show that ISN"T sponsored by Mathews, yes there are some but they are pretty few and far between.

    To be honest I can only remember about 3 archery commercials... 1 for martin where the guy shoots the moon, The bowtech commercial where the motorcycle races the arrows, and then the Switchback commercials

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    dont forget the one where the mathews guys shoot the airplanes