Matthews Cams

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by bowhunter34, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. bowhunter34

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    I was wondering if I bought a matthews how easily i could get new cams?

    Also How much they would cost?

  2. Ronhop

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    Hey Welcome,

    I'm in your back yard, sort of. I'm in the Quad Cities.

    It's pretty easy to find them. I'm not sure what shops there are in Savannah but Easy Livin in Milan is a Mathews dealers and they can get a cam for you. Another good shop is B&B Shooting Supply in Bettendorf. There is a guy named Joe there that supports their archery department that's a good guy and very helpful. You would have to call them to get pricing and specifics and they would probably want you to pay up front to order it. They are good guys in there and I get quite a bit of my stuff there.

    I bought a used cam for my Ovation for $25 on eBay. If you know the cam designation you can also do a Google search.

    Why not post what you are looking for and maybe somebody on here can help you. This is a good site/forum...