Merlin MAX2000, camo, 60lb, rh

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    Merlin Max 2000 bow, RH, 60lb adjustable down to 50lb. 28inch draw length, sherwood forest camo pattern, NavCom vibration suppressors installed, micro-adjustable rest, new string.

    This is a VERY Accurate and smooth shooting bow. I have used it exclusively for competition but it would also make a great hunting bow.

    Same model used to win the men's European FITA Target Championship, Gold medals at the World FITA Target Championships team event, and numerous World and European titles in field archery.

    Axle Length --- 41.25"
    Brace Height --- 7.25"- 7.5"
    Mass Weight --- 4lb 2oz
    IBO Speed --- 290 fps
    Cam Type --- 65% Let off Rapid Cam
    Limbs --- Pro Fusion Carbon

    Precision Limb Pockets

    CNC machined from solid 6082 aluminium to exacting tolerances. Nylon dowels, countersunk into the riser and standing slightly proud by 0.15mm to allow a perfect interference fit.

    A limb Isolation Membrane is placed between the limb and pocket, reducing shot vibration.

    Independent 'Pocket Lock' locks the the pocket down tight, eliminating pocket jumping, and so reducing noise and shock.

    Ergonomically machined grip.

    Super slim, torque reducing grip for maximum comfort and repeatability. Recessed thumb knuckle position for precise hand placement.

    3 Degree offset grip to promote a more natural and relaxed hand position.

    Asking $250
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    whats the lowest you will go hi just George