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    hey im a bowhunter from western ny, and I know there is pretty good bucks around here, but all I see on TV and read about are these beasts in the midwest. Im dying to go bowhunting for a bruiser out there and am wondering is it worth all the money. I usually go up to canada for a fishing trip every year but thats gettin alittle old considering the fishing is better anyway in western ny. Its also considerably more expensive than a fishing trip and you have to draw a tag, right? There is nothing like the thrill of bowhunting and I am ready to take it to the next level. Also, Im curious with all the leased land and outfitters in the prime states, is there enough prime land out there to hunt for someone who moves there or hunts there without an outfitter that doesnt have someone elses label on it???? always wondered
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    you can buy a tag over the counter and if you want to save so money hunt some public land. there are big bucks on there you just have to hunt them or if you want a couple places, outfitters, or etc I know of one good one around me or try buffalo co.

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    Out of state tags for archery in Missouri are about $145 which gets you 2 deer and 2 turkey tags. Only 1 buck may be taken before the opening of rifle season. So on an early season archery hunt you could take 1 buck and 1 doe. You can also buy more doe tags for about $7 each if you needed just meat. The northern part of the state has some huge bucks and there is public land everywhere, that is not hit real hard prior to firearms season, expecially during the week. Check out this site for more info on public land in Mo.


    Good Luck.
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    ha ny

    sound's like you had the same idea i had.
    after hunting these small buck's around here i desided to do a little reserch & found ohio is turning out some real monster's checkout the buck that was taken in adam's county,on the local game & inland of ohio.they say it may be no.2 in p&y .then checkout the outfitter's there alot cheper than out west.
    me & my son are booked last week in oct.hope you find this helpful.:biggrin1: