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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by halestorm566, Jan 17, 2008.

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    I am 12 years old and im considering getting into bowhunting. I can only hunt small game right now and im wondering what the best thing to hunt in ny is. I have a diamond victory with a 50 pound draw. Thanks
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    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    I dont live in NY but some of the guys do on here.
    :welcome: to archery and to the forum
    I would say Tree-Rats u know what a tree-rat is?:laugh:
    Well if u dont i cant spell it to good :squirrell i think thats right:lol:
    Get u some JUDO Points put them on the end of your arrow and shootem
    make sure there on the ground or you will run out of arrows quick!:D
    Have a good 1 bud and keep shootin!!!:peace:

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    Hey Bunny help this kid out he is from your part of the country..:peace:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    what would you like to hunt??

    the possibilties are endless.......where in NY you at??

    are there any 3D shoots around....???

    thats a great place, to start flingin dem arrows.....:lol:
  5. I don't up in your state but most state have year round open season on lots of small game, get a copy of the hunting regs and see whats available. Plus there are a lot of other birds, rodents and small mamals that your state would be more then happy if you were to use as target practice. Good luck.
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    If ya live in the CITY, you could always whack da rats :pound: Heck, from what I heard, you might even be able to classify them as Big Game:D

    Just kidding,........Look into squirrel and ground hogs. If you have a lot of fox and coyote's in your area they are very challanging and make an excellent trophy for a young shooter. These will make you remember to hunt the wind, control your scent and apply the proper camo, all good work ups to getting into deer hunting. If you talk to people at your local archery shop, they should be able to let you know what's good in the area, and they may know some places for you to go. Good luck with it!
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    thanks for all the advice i live near albany and im going to the archery shop tomorrow so ill ask around