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    hey guys, what the worst/funniest/biggest mistake you have ever made with the bow...i knnow mine was when i was ten in my back yard tried to shoot a flying bird and insteadof hitting it(like i actually could) shot a hole in my pool!!:biggrin1: that was a big mistake!!!:doh:
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    Flying birds

    One of the reasons I got into archery was my nieghbor. He had an old long bow and could shoot like Jim Furgeson(sp). I watched him shoot a turtle dove on the wing on 2(count em,2!!!!) diferent occasions. It was awsome, and it really sparked a fire in me

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    I have made the standard mistakes, but what I saw the other day takes the cake. I was driving home from work and pasted a house where there was a teenager (~15) with a recurve at full draw aimed over the house. Then as I got past the house to see what he could possibly be trying to hit there was another teenager looking over the house watching for it to come down. I know, I know boys will be boys, but it makes you wonder who drove past when we were young? :loco:
  4. Dredly

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    shooting in my old apt, managed to get a new release, tried using it... punched myself in the face and put the arrow through the wall :(

    then I had to tell the wife :Cry:
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    I had a similar accident. I had just tied on a new loop. I wanted to make sure that I had plenty enough room to nock an arrow, then to snug it in I grabbed it with my release and pulled it back (facing in a safe direction of course :amen: ). Bang, I accidentally touched it off burring the arrow in the wall!!
  6. Allen

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    When I was a kid, the only bows that we had were made from sticks and string, the most basic archery that you can imagine. The best bow that I made was from a cypress tree limb. It probably had a DW of 8 or 10 lbs. My string was cotton twine. Our arrows were just smaller limbs that were "sort of" straight. No fletching, no points, no arrow rests. Just shoot the arrow using my hand as the arrow rest.

    This is where I developed my love of archery.

    That was about the time that they came out with aluminum beer & soda cans. This gives you an idea of how old I am. The aluminum from an empty can was very easy to work with my dad's tin snips. Well, I got the bright idea that that aluminum could be used for fletching. Remember that my hand was the arrow rest?

    Almost 50 years later, I still have the scar from that first and last shot.:doh:
  7. Ronhop

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    Ha ! Live and learn I guess. That's why your still around...

    I accidentally shot over a target and the arrow buried about half way into the wall of a very old barn with very old wood (read - SOFT). I grabbed that sucker and yanked it out with the muscles I have since I thought it was going to be stuck like a tree shot, only to bury the nock end into my right calf because that sucker let go when I didn't expect it. By instinct I pulled it right back out of my leg. I let it bleed out since it was a puncture wound, put Neosporin on it and wrapped the sucker up.

    Tha scab is still there and my leg 'insides' are just feeling back to normal.

    Stupid or what ? At least the nock and vanes came out...

    One buddy said "Heck, it's not even huting season yet and you drew blood..."
    Too bad it was my own.

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    I shoot quite a bit in the yard and my father-in-law has got the bug too. So one day my wife says see wants to try. So we're all righty's, but she is left eye dominant. I got hold of a 30#L/H recurve for her and got her setup. While trying to show her a proper form, the ole' leftside of my brain kicked in and I sighted w/ my right eye. When I released the arrow I punched myself in the nose so hard I wanted to cry:Cry: .My nose bled, my eyes watered, and the string slapped my forearm ontop of it all.

    What a fool, at least it was just the two of us there(she knows I'm a fool):doh:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    Oh deer lord....that sucks......

    My worst would have to be the first time I went bow fishing w/a buddy, his bow his arrows.......well he forget to mention about keeping the string free from the arrow rest.....first and last time I will forget to pay attention to that.......trying to get out of the way of a rocketing arrow on a string....sucks....doing it in twenty feet of water really sucks.......( the place we go is a resivoir and the bottem comes up quickly, so you could be in twenty feet of water and ten feet away, its like 4-5 feet of water....)

    boy was i wet and p oed......
  10. Chris

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    Please be careful. I have a friend who's wife as a kid was out playing and one of the kids had a bow. Of course one of them shot it straight into the sky. You know what happed next. She took the arrow in the eye. Yes, she is blind in that eye. Luck it was real light poundage kids bow. Could have been much worse.

    Please don't try shooting bows up in the air, it's very, very dangerous. It is going to come down somewhere.
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    i agree, i hope everyone on hear already know that one.