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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Frank, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    I was wondering why people have more than 1 bow set-up? More and more I'm seeing that people have a bow set-up for hunting, another set-up for indoor and another set-up for 3d and then back-up bows set-up. What are the advantages/disadvantages in this type of thinking?
  2. Jay Are

    Jay Are Junior Member

    The true advantage is if you can sell your wife on that you need more that 1 bow for a diffrent types of shooting, you get to buy more toys.

    I like having 2 bows. One bow set up for 3D... that bow has no string silencers, 18" stabilizer, drop away rest and scope. My Hunting bow has only one pin, string silencers, WB rest and short stabilizer. The advantage I get out of this is that I don't have to re-setup my bow for Hunting and 3D. Plus if I need a back up for whatever reason I have one. For me having 2 bows is enough, but if I need to justify having a 3rd can.

  3. Ronhop

    Ronhop RIP

    I have 2 bows for the same reason as Jay Are.
    My hunting bow is 70# and has a drop away rest and a 5 pin sight.
    My 3D/play bow is 60# and has a NAP 3000 rest and a single .019 pin sight with adjustable elevation with yardage markings on it from 10 yards to 45 yards.
    I can also use either bow as backup to the other should something happen that puts one bow out of commission.

    The brace height and draw length are very close to the same so my anchor point is the same with both bows as is the relative peep location. I have no problem switching betweeen the two.

  4. Dredly

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    I have a OG for normal shooting and a Ross CR331 for hunting...

    the 31 inch A2A is extremly helpful while hunting however I am not nearly as accurate with it as I am with my OG

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I for one like haveing less poundage on my indoor simply dont need speed to shoot 60 arrows at its easier on my shoulders and back at 50lbs......
  6. brokenarrow

    brokenarrow Evil Genius

    I agree...
    I like a lower DW for indoors and for 3D, that many shots is rough on your shoulder...But for hunting I like higher #'s
  7. pdq 5oh

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    I have one bow to hunt with, and one for 3D/indoor. In the summer my target bow is set up for 3D. In the winter it's set up for indoor. I also shoot my hunting bow for 3D, at times. All my bows are set at 57 or 58#. I don't feel the need to pull more weight. At 58# my Allegiance shoots 392 gr arrows in the 280s. Plenty fast enough.
  8. tek

    tek Senior Member

    At one time I had 7 bows setup to shoot. That was too many. But I like to play and try different things. You will never know what bow you really like best or really fits you the best until you try them all :peace:
  9. MoBowman

    MoBowman Senior Member

    I like the longer A to A on my Ross Cr337 for 3d, but you can't beat a 32" A/A for hunting out of a stand or stalking, so my Mathews MQ32 works just perfect for that.
  10. Radar

    Radar Story of my life

    I always have 2 bows setup. At one point I had 3. One for Hunting, one for 300 rnd, and one for 3D. Now I have it simplified, I have one bow for hunting and one bow for 300/3D. My hunting bow is 70# Trykon XL, WB rest, CJ Pro III sight, easton FMJ's 340gr. My 300/3D bow is 60# Bowtech Constitution, TT Drop Away, Sure-Loc w/ a Viper 4x scope and Easton Fatboys for 3D. I have a toxonics w/ a bullseye 6x scope shooting Easton X7 Eclipse 2613's for 300 rnd. I don't think 65# shooting 60 arrows at cardboard is hard at all shot two 300 leagues and one 3D league last year doing that. But not everyone has the German Hammers for arms like me:biggrin1: Hope ya got your tickets for the gun show!:laugh: J/K.