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    i have stick on limb savers on my old bow. is there a way to get them off and put them on my new bow?
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    It can be done. Altho, it is not the optimal thing to do. The best fix is get new ones.

    If you really need to remove them, here is what I have learned........

    Be very careful removing the limb savers from you bow limbs. I presume that they have the self stick tape on them. You can actually "skin them off" with a knife, just like skinning a deer. Just be careful not to let the knife scratch up the limbs. There will be some sticky stuff left on the limbs. Don't scrape! Use something like Goo Gone or some other solvent to remove the residue.

    Reapplying the limb savers is the tricky part. And, there is no guarantee that they will stay on the limbs. I have had some that took, and, some that didn't.

    You have to get all the sticky stuff, and tape off the base of the limb savers first, using whatever solvent worked on the limbs. Then you have use denatured alcohol, or laquer thinner to remove all the oils from the base. Then, you need to wipe down the area on the new bow limbs, where the limb savers will be applied with denatured alcohol.

    Then, you apply a bead of clear silicone caulk to the base of the limb savers and stick them onto the limbs. If any caulk oozes out, wipe it away with a clean towel. You will have to allow at least 24 hours before you can shoot the bow. Silicone caulk is an excellent adhesive, but reqiures some time to cure.

    Actually, I have never attempted to move a set to another bow. This was just a fix to reapply one that came loose, or, fell off.

    Unless you have all that stuff on hand, it is cheaper to just buy new ones. You can just order some new ones BY CLICKING HERE . It is by far the way to go.
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    It is had to get the adhersion..

    I have had some fall off before in the past,mosly due to not cleaning the surface good before applicating them.
    The hard part is th 3m,finding it
    If I was to reuse them I know a person who actually deals with glass,he uses actually the same 3m material (if not better)that is in them.
    Alot of people who do up glass,as in and handles and hinges use it,I would recomend going to search for someone in the feild of such.
    It may take a while to get all the glue off the riser and the limbsaver just to put the new stuff on,goo gone does work,but.
    I would say that it seems like a litle to much of a hassle.
    Make sure it is a clean surface,limbsavers work.