Muzzy zero effects

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Tenderfoot, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Tenderfoot

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    I know some of you guys shoot them, and they are way cheaper than an NAP scizzor rest, and make me feel better than shooting a questionable drop-away. Do they work perfectly all the time, or do the mechanisms fail every so often? Will it slow down your arrow speeds? I already got so much junk on my string I can't even shoot 20 yards without having to compensate 6-8''. So I would love to try one if somebody can assure me I won't lose much speed. And what is the big rib-looking peice on the thing for? Thanks for the info!
  2. scottg

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    I wish that I could answer that for you. I all but sworn off fallaway rest. I moved to the Octane Hostage Pro. I beleive the rib bone is the arrow rest at full draw. Don't hold me to that though.

  3. fstgstdsmpay

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    There an ok drop away not the best but a great hunting rest non the less. Dropaways do not cause you to lose anyspeed what so ever. Better than a shoot through rest such as a biscuit. I have yet to see a muzzy fail I know plenty of people that shoot one, Heck even I had one like 5,6 or so years ago when they first came out. The rib is what actually holds your arrow that the launcher arm it self.
  4. Rhustek

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    The Muzzy Z-effect is a great drop away. Many don't like them because they are more of a mechanical adjust rather than a string tied to your cable. They work great and are pretty simple to install and adjust. My cousin, brother, and I all use them on our hunting bows without any noticeable speed loss.

    The rib looking feature keeps your arrow from falling off the rest when you tip it. You can draw your bow at almost any angle and elevation with this rest and it will end up right in the groove ready to shoot. Put some felt tape on your riser to help prevent any noise from the arrow and you will be more than happy with this rest, for $50 or less its hard to beat and works great.