My daughters 2nd lesson what do you think

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    My daughter had her second lesson yesterday and coach is working on BT with her. She is really starting to like the BT more than her finger release.Second picture coach made her close her eyes he was doing that alot to get her used to the suprise true BT shot. What do you guys think of her form? Be nice
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    Looks like she is leaning back a little to me. :noidea: Maybe her hips are kicked forward, dunno, something looks wrong - looking at top pic.

  3. OK, you asked, so here goes. :D

    Without a full length pix it's kinda hard to tell, but her left leg appears to be behind her right leg. Lay an arrow on the ground pointed directly at the target and then have her position her feet so that her toes on both feet are touching the arrow.

    Her draw length looks just a tad long - string should be touching the end of her nose not laying against it.

    EDIT: On second thought, her draw length is probably correct, she just needs to drop her anchor down to her jaw bone. That would get the nose/string correct.

    But whatever, keep it interesting for her - they grow up FAST and will be gone before you know it.

    Just my 2 cents
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    Without full length pics, it's tough to tell. But here is what I see....

    Peep is too low. She is tilting her head forward to see through it. This is common as kids grow, the peeps don't get moved like they should

    Stance appears to be too open, twisting the torso.

    Draw length may be a touch long. Would need more pictures.
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    Plus her bow hand looks a little tight on the grip.