My weekend in the ER!

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    Well what an interesting weekend!!
    Hunter fell at a birthday party playing tackle football and broke his elbow we are still waiting for the swelling to go down to figure out what is next! We spent 7 hours in the ER Sunday and about 5 on Monday they were going to make us sleep over because of an artery they thought was damaged9 it really looked gross) but decided we just need to be back at 7 for the Orthopedic surgeon to take a look! 7 am Monday they decided he needed a a CAT scan to take a better look and decide if surgery was need because it is broken near the growth plate in the Humorous bone we are still not sure what the outcome will be surgery or no surgery depends on the xray on Friday.. in order for it to be urgent for surgery the break needed to be 4 mm apart his is 1 1/8mm apart which is good but doesnt make him in the clear yet. The one positive thing Hunter has told the DRs is that " atleast he scored a touchdown" He doesnt complain of pain too much and it is in a splint right now but is very swollen at his fingers and hand...and no school for the week which Im sure he is terriably upset about staying home and playing video

    I cant believe 5 years old and his first football He sat in the waitng room rooting for the Giants saying GO!GO!GO! He is obessesd with football..and baseball..maybe he'll have a career

    And he want his cast to be black so no one can write on it or his second choice.. Im embarassed to say he has become a Cowboys fan (although he says he still likes the Eagles too) and a nurse told him he might be able to get a blue and white cast
    Ok well thats the story Let you know more when I find more out! Atleast he is right handed this happened to his left arm
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    Hope your boy has a speedy recovery. Best of luck to him.

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    Hope all goes well