National or local shoots?

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussions' started by Jefro, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Jefro

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    Just curious what most of us shoot? National shoots or local shoots? How many shoots do you average a year? I shoot at least 1 local shoot a weekend and 3-4 national shoots a year.
  2. Pinky

    Pinky Guest

    I just got back into 3-D last year. I am shooting only local shoots.

  3. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    Jefro is a great shooter. His knowledge and support on this board is very much appreciated. Lord knows he has helped me a few times.:D
  4. 1 BO NUT

    1 BO NUT Junior Member

    Used to shoot 3-4 local shoots a weekend and 3-4 national shoots a year. Changed jobs a while ago and lucky if I now shoot 1-2 local shoots a year. Hard to keep up the enthusiasm when you used to be able to compete at a pretty high level.
  5. WarChief

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    The level of competition shouldn't be important. The importance should be in the effort you put forth and the fun you get from competeing regardless of ability or stature.
  6. CA Rcher12

    CA Rcher12 Guest

    Me? I'm personally not on the competitave side. I might shoot in San Diego's King Arthur Tournament. I think I can beat last year's scores.
  7. 3darcher

    3darcher Junior Member

    I shoot mostly local tournaments. I would like to shoot more National tournaments but can't make many because of my job. I may be able to make 3 or 4 this year.
  8. Devon Archer

    Devon Archer Guest

    From UK wants info on USA shoots please

    Hi everyone

    We are a couple Ian & Brenda (man and wife) who are looking to come over to USA for holidays and archery, we shoot in UK field archery NFAS (National Field Archery Society) in which we shoot 3D, paper faces and loads of other things that they keep putting out to try and make us miss.

    I shoot what is called over here Freestyle, recurve, sights, stabilisers etc and Brenda shoots Barebow, recurve, no sights, minimal stabiliser, 3 fingers under arrow release, first question we look at your styles and know you must shoot the same but can't quite work out what the matching style is over there

    Brenda is National UK, 3D, Scottish champion in her class and I have won the National 3D championships in class 4 times (but been out of luck last year) so we would like to come and try our luck in the States

    I am sure that there can't be much difference in the shooting between the USA and UK but have noticed some things in reading your USA shoot reports etc

    The first is distances, we shoot at 3D in our champs unmarked distances at up to 90 yards at ELK, 70+ yards at standing bears and lions etc and down to 15 yards ish at rock rascals, maybe we dont hit the spots at these distances but hey it is fun

    We shoot usually 36 or 40 targets during the day, with up to 3 attempts to hit the target and score,
    our scores are first peg 24 for an inner kill, 20 for a large kill and 16 for a wound,
    If you miss from the first peg you move closer to a second peg 14 for a kill 10 for a wound,
    And if you miss then the third peg if you need it is 8 for a kill and 4 for a wound
    If you miss the 3 arrows you wander off muttering to yourself and making up excuses for when you get back to the reception area

    we all start together on the course with each target having usually 4 archers in the group,

    Again am I interpreting the reports right when I think you seem to turn up sometime during the day and have one or more shoots around a circuit between range opening and closing times

    Anyway we are looking at probably 2 trips in spring and summer so we can take in as many shoots as possible, any help or info on good shoots to go to would be more than welcomed

    Please email me any info [email protected]

    Good shooting and have fun

    Ian & Brenda
  9. 12X

    12X Guest

    I shoot mostly 3D's localy and some indoor stuff for fun my wife is just the opp. she excells indoor and shoot's 3d for the fun of it.
  10. Archeryaddict

    Archeryaddict Guest

    Mostly local shoots but when there are any national events close I do go and compete in them like Oak ridge is one I also attend a few IBO triple crown shoots when they are in a close proxcemity of the house but I dont travel gread distances to shoot at national events

    Now if there is any archery equipment manufacturers who want to foot the bill for my expenses and maybe a moderate salaryI would be more than happy to sign on board :D
  11. tnarcher

    tnarcher Guest

    I shoot local shoots since getting the the national shoots require time off work and cash for expenses. Of course being in it just for the fun of it I don't guess it really maters. :)
  12. i shoot about 10 local indoor shoots in fall then i shoot about 5 outdoor local shoots. i try and make it to atleast the ASA shoot in Metropolis, Illinois
  13. HoytHunter

    HoytHunter Guest

    I am a member of an archery club that holds indoor 3-D shoots through out the months of January, February, and March. We also have shoots once a month I try very hard to make it to all of these shoots along with some of the other local shoots.