Nealy/Fuse String Rumor

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Tom Nealy, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I would like to address a certain rumor which has been circulating throughout the archery community recently. Some of you may know less than a month ago I left Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings in which I invented and founded nine years ago. I have decided to start a new company called Nealy’s Custom Bowstrings. The rumor I am writing about is that my son Thomas Nealy went to work for Hoyt USA last April 05. This is true! And I am very proud of him. However, what is NOT TRUE and can be confirmed by the Hoyt and Fuse engineers is that Thomas was instrumental in creating the new Fuse strings that are standard on Hoyt bows. Anyone who knows us and has been responsible for starting or spreading this rumor should be ashamed and have done a disservice to the very competent and great people who are responsible for the new Fuse strings. It is also insulting to Thomas who would never compromise his father’s efforts to build the best strings in the world or for that matter his inheritance. In essence he would be cutting his own throat. Thomas was fortunate to be offered a position for Hoyt building bows and parts in the Machine Shop. It is a great opportunity for anyone who loves archery. Thomas signed a confidentiality agreement that he honors by not revealing information about new bow technology to me or anyone for that matter. He also made it perfectly clear that he would not work with anyone developing string technology. Apparently this was not a concern for Fuse since they had their own ideas that had been in development before Thomas began work there. It would certainly be difficult to develop technology, test it and get it out to the public in less than the 6 months Thomas has been working there. For those of you who respect the truth and the damage that false rumors can cause, we would very much appreciate your help in extinguishing these lies by letting the archery community know these facts. I would also like to express my appreciation for all those who have in the past supported me when I was with WC and for those who are supporting me in my new venture Nealy’s Custom Bowstrings.


    Tom Nealy