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  1. bway1341

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    I am looking for a bow ready to hunt, right handed 29 inch draw length. Can some one help me out that needs to sell a bow also need a block.
  2. sully363

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    Have a Hoyt Ultratec, camo, 29" (with loop), sabre solo cam, doinker
    stabilizer, tru glo rascal sight, whisker bisquit rest, nice braided wrist
    strap, xt2000 limbs, 50-60lbs, peep, limb savers, $350.00 tyd. I don't
    know what year this is. Sweet looking and shooting bow. This bow is
    not draw adjustable. Can send pics via e mail if interested. thanks

  3. brokenarrow

    brokenarrow Evil Genius

    I have a 2 yr old PSE Nova 29" 60-70#
    TM hunter rest, 3 pin sight and a peep
    $250 tyd...

    Good solid hunting bow.
  4. buckfeversports

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    Hunting Bows

    What is your price range for the bow you are looking for? Also, are you looking for a 50, 60 or 70# bow? I can probably assist you with getting a new bow or a left over new bow in a package but I need to know a few details. If you want, visit our site at and see what we offer. However, if you don't see it there it doesn't mean we can't get it for you and we also have access to some left over models like the 06 PSE Mach 12 in a packaged kit featuring: Riser: Machined Aluminum T6;
    Limbs: Magnaglass; Eccentrics: NRG Hybrid; Riser & Limb Color: New Mossy Oak Breakup; Let-off: 80% / 65% Adjustable; Bow Weight: 4.2 lbs.;
    Axle-to-axle: 38 1/2"; Cam-Lock cable guard; Phase III grip system;
    Top Gun String Chubs; Pivoting Limb Pockets w/locking limb bolt design
    Brace Height: 6 3/4"; IBO speed: 307-315 fps - for $499.00 and offer you free shipping but we only have 1 left. We also have 2 of the 06 PSE Vengeance package that includes: One Dozen FREE Radial XWeave Arrows; HyperLite limb pockets; Cam-Lock cable guard; Phase III grip system; Top Gun String Chubs; Brace height: 7 1/2"; IBO speed: 297-305 fps - it also comes with a sight and rest but I need to check on what it ships with. This closeout model is $455.00 with free shipping. Let me know if you would like to talk to me about more of what we have. Don - Buck Fever Sports 866-747-9564.


    NEW MARTIN 2006 Rytera Triad

    Hello I have a new 2006 Rytera Triad Dyna Cam
    34 7/8" Axle to Axle
    6 1/2" Brace Height
    55-70# Draw Weight
    High Letoff
    29" Draw

    315 FPS
    In Mossy Oak Breakup Camo
    With a sight master sight
    Fall away rest
    Never been shot
    Everything is new and has not been but on the bow
    If you are interested I can email picture
    for about $400 that would include shipping
  6. kovalova_outdoors

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    Hunt Ready

    I have instock a few PSE Compound Kits that include arrows, arrow rest, sight and quivers. Email
  7. kevintestement

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    Sweet Hunting Combo

    I have a mathews ultra max with bare bones sights .019 green pins, trophy taker rest, sims stabalizer and has new limbs make an offer
  8. trinibob

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  9. red man

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    my old bow is for sale here you will need arrows and a sight but for the price i am asking for mine it is cheep you could save sum money :peace:
  10. marsh

    marsh The Custom Bow Maker

    your looking for a hunting bow

    It sounds as though you are looking for a used rig all setup. I don't have a complete rig in the used dept. However, I do have a few proto-types that have been used to arrive at the current SM17 & SM25 models put out by Signature Bow Co. They are a little bit heaver than current production but have the same geometery. I can set them up with any accessoryies you would like and laser tune the rest of your choise. On the other hand I can take you to Signature Bow's Custom Shop and you can choose from current production models, See These too can be purchased with any accessories you wish. I do warn you that this is not bargin unless you look at the highest quality as being the best bargin. I put the best that I can find or make into my line of compound bows. Remember I also make high letoff bows, 85%-89% letoff. I don,t Know of any other manf. doing that kind of letoff. Its like holding back 7#s while taking the shot Sincerly Marsh