Need Help Identifying Old Bow Scope

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    I had an old Bear Whitetail Hunter bow which had an old unusual scope on it. The bow was stolen out of my car…….I have a new bow now,but I really liked that old scope and am trying to find another one like it.

    It was about four inches round and had a flourescent orange crosshair design in the middle of the scope right on the clear plastic lens.

    The housing was a hard black plastic and it had two small bolts that extruded from it that attached to the plate on your bow.

    I don't remember the manufacturer or the name of the scope. The archery shop I bought it from said it was an old "zero degree scope", as it did have some magnification to it when you looked through it when shooting.

    Can you help me identify this old scope/sight?

    Do you know about when they were made?

    Do you by any chance know the company that made them?
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    I've seen sights like you described when I was shopping for "archery sights" on ebay. Viewing theis catagory a couple times a week probably will lead to finding something like your old scope eventually.