Need Help With "Twanging" Noise

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by empaint3, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. empaint3

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    Hey guys, I've got a slight problem. I'm shooting an '05 Hoyt Ultrasport and I just put a Trophy Ridge drop away on it. I like the rest and my groups tightened up a bit almost instantly compared to my Cobra Diamondback rest I had before. But after I put the TR rest on, my bow seemed to be louder. It has a twanging noise. It doesn't sound like anything the rest could make. I'm thinking it is the string, but how would it make it now and not with the old rest? Do you think it could be actually hitting the rest? The frame of it does stick out further in the back than the old one. Any Ideas?

  2. red44

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    If you have some spray footpowder, put a little on the rest in the area in question and see if the string leaves a mark. Does'nt HAVE to be footpowder, just something that will show contact. Whatever you use I'd put IT on the rest and not on the string. The string may "fling" off whatever you try on it and leave a false mark.
    The TT rest is'nt the quietest drop away but it's not bad if you pad the shelf where the launcher lands. Have it so it hits the pad before it hits the rest's stop.

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    :welcome: I had the same problem when I switched from 4'' fleching to blazers. the blazers are taller so they where hitting my cable and the outer ring on my wisker bisket.
    I guess what im saying is maybe your fleching could be makeing contact with your rest.:noidea: thats the only thing that comes to mind with me.
    Good luck let us know how it turns out.:wave: