Need new hunting/3D bow, suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by scotty, Sep 5, 2004.

  1. scotty

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    I recently had a High Country Brute Force bow stolen from the shop it was
    being fixed at. It's 2 years old and I haven't kept up with the industry.
    What brands and models would be a good comparable bow to buy when I get my
    insurance money. Any new technology? Brands? It's used for hunting and some
    3 D shooting. thanks
  2. Burnz

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    I don't know much about the bow you were shooting, but I recently bought a Mathews Outback which I am extremely happy with. I shot the same Golden Eagle for 7 years and was so comfortable with it that I didn't want to got through the hassle of buying and setting up a new bow. Last week I finally gave in and bought the Mathews. I set it up with a Copper John Dead Nuts sight, Trophy Ridge Drop Zone rest, and Doinker D2 multi rod stabilizer. After only 2 days of shooting with it, it is deadly out to 60 yards. The bow is extremely quiet and smooth. Some of my buddys are shooting the new Hoyt razortec and xtecs, and they say they are just as happy with those. I think once you get it down to a few different bows you can usually decide simply by which one feels best in your hand.

  3. Fred de Nice

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    Martin Phantom II, why not?

    And what do you think about the Martin Phantom II, someone have this one? Is it a good choice?
  4. White_Trash

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    good question i was looking into the martin slayer. i am currently shooting a mathews conquest and am unhappy with it.
  5. glenny

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    You have many to choose from

    I can only recommend that which may give you some ideas.You want a bow for hunting and 3d?
    Well the outback and the liberty and the slayer are all really excellent bows...and are undoubtably fine for that single shot in a stand.
    I sold my outback 3 weeks ago and it was a great bow.
    I shot the Bowtech liberty even yesterday and have to say it was just as good if not a better bow due to adjustability.They do have a pro40 you might want to check out.
    Now I just purchased a hoyt ultra-elite with 2000 limbs/cam1/2.
    I can say that it suits me fairly well for both hunting and 3d.I am starting a loving relationship with it the more I shoot it if you know what I mean.
    The axle to axle and the speed are two good starting places.
    I could even shoot in the 290's with the outback on a good day at a 3d.
    I am not saying what you should buy at all...But
    there are many decisions you have to make enough as to equipment choices,and you have to consider what makes you a better archer period.
    The longer the riser and axle to axle on any bow makes a archer a better more forgiving shot 99.9% of the time,consistently.
    The speed issue lets you cover longer ranges out to farther distances,so,if your off a little on guessing yardages you are not looking at a gutshot at 50 yards when you shot it at 45.
    Here is another rub...
    Hoyts new 2005 bows hits the shelfs around dec.maybe jan.,but are released around october.
    You have to make your order asap to get your new bow asap.And it's the same way with every bow dealer,really.The sooner he places the order the sooner you get your bow,500,000 screaming bow shooters want a new bow all in one week,and your in line.
    All other manufacturers some time usually after jan.and this year "the bow world" atleast I have been living in should be incredible with new great bows for 2005.
    You might want to get a hunting bow and save up your denero for a new one in 2005's list of bows.
    Technology has it's way with archery these days,2 years go by and even my bow I bought is like a studabager original with custom leather.
    I hope you realize that know matter what you decide to go with on a bow,it's adjustable and draws easily for you and makes for good hunting whatever you decide to hunt.
    Not only do I think just one bow maker has something in store for 2005,I think there many companies that you might try to put a bow out to really say shock everyones tastebuds this year.we won't know till we shoot em,ya know?
    The libertyvft and the outback are great for hunting,though.
  6. bfisher

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    Guys, I ain't gonna sit here and tell you not to get a SlayR because I have one. From that I can draw some conclusions. It is a heavy bow--which I like. My choice for a similar performing bow in the Martin line would be the Cougar Mag with Nitrous cams. On paper it is 1" shorter at 36 1/2", almost a pound lighter, only 5fps slower, and retails for about $160 less.

    You'd have to shoot one of these things to appreciate the speed you get out of a speed cam that rolls over almost like a round wheel. It doesn't have that sharp letoff associated with most single cams, but sure draws to a rock solid wall with a very short valley. Keep the drawlength a bit on the short side to stay in the wall.

    My SlayR is blistering the charts compared to all the bows I've had in the past. I just changed arrows yesterday and ran them through the chrono. At 27.5" draw and 55lbs shooting an IBO setup is doing 298fps. My hunting setup is doing 280fps---and quietly I might add.

    Any short draw archer who has chased the mythical 300fps can possible achieve it with this bow, or nearly so. I got a few tweaks up my sleeve and expect to try them right after hunting season. Results should be interesting as I expect to be right around 308fps with the same draw and peak weight.
  7. glenny

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    What kind of arrows are you punching out of that thing?

    What kind and what and they weigh,what's for hunting?