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    Hello everyone reading this post. I am new to this, however, I have been following great advise, and do the right things, and appreciate all your comments and concerns. You people are great. My concerns are the personal experiences of what you use within the parameters of these 3 bows. I would to hear comments both good and bad, but only on these three bows. The Mathews Apex 7, Hoyt Trykon XL, and the Bowtech Tribute. Please, keep other bows out of this equation to simplify things for me. Now keep in mind, I am 5'4'' and have a draw length of 25-25.5" and could probably handle a 55-65lb. draw weight, with 65% let off. I am planning on using this bow for both hunting, and cometition. I can not afford 2 bows, (sorry bowman if I could I'd make a great friend I'm sure, hahahaha) therefore, if any of you "know" something that should be stated within those conditions, please help me out here, and be specific. Thank you all again, for all the wonderful help you've been to me so far. I enjoy this forum, and the community of friends. Better here than any other forum I've been in so far, from Golf to 4x4's.... Have a wonderfully prosperous weekend, and be safe.

    "Knock-Em-Down and Drag-Em-Home"

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    at 5'4 A2A becomes a large factor the Apex is 38 AtA, it becomes VERY difficult to manuver in the woods. Lets remove that one and add the Switchback XT which is a more well rounded bow.

    So here are the stats:

    Mathews Switchback XT
    ATA - 31
    Brace - 7.5
    IBO - 315
    weight - 4.3 pounds

    Bowtech Tribute
    ATA - 31.5
    Brace - 7.5
    IBO - 320 - 328
    weight - 4.1

    Trykon XL
    ATA - 36
    Brace - 7.5
    IBO - 314
    Weight - 4.8

    Those are the 3 you would be considering... I know you asked not to muddy the waters at all BUT...

    What about these AWESOME all around bows?

    Bowtech Allegiance?
    ATA - 34
    Brace - 7
    IBO - 327 - 335
    Weight - 4.1

    Mathews Switchback
    ATA - 33
    Brace - 7
    IBO 318
    Weight 4.3

    Hoyt Trykon (NOT xl)
    ATA 3
    Brace - 7
    IBO - 316
    Weight - 4.6

    These are only the "big 3". Can you anwser some more questions for me?

    - What kind of Competition shooting will you be doing? 3D, Indoor, outdoor, 90 meters (FITA style)

    - How much are you looking to spend on JUST the bow

    - How long have you been shooting? What level of skill would you classify yourself as? Newbie, Beginner, intermediate, expert, god of archery?

    - What matters most to you? Speed? Noise? Forgivability? Feel?

    - What kind of hunting will you be doing? Spot and Stalk? Tree Stand? ground blind? Mix of all?

    - What stores and shops are in your area? Are there only the Big 3 represented locally for you or do you also have PSE, Martin, ... in the area as well?

    By anwsering these questions we can really drill down and give you some pretty good advice about which bows to look at and focus on and which ones are outside what your looking at.

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    Dredly has it right on the Apex 7. Way to long for short DL archers in the woods. However if you like the style, check out the Mathews Prestige. Very similar and pretty fast at short DL's.

    Another bow designed with shorter DL in mind is the Botech Equalizer. I've never shot one, but I've heard good reports on it.

    The good news is that manufacturers are beginning to design premium bows for archers with DL's below 27". My DL is 26" and until recently most bows that fit me were "Lady's" or "Youth" bows.

    Let us know what you decide on.

    JBUTLER Guest

    I know you said please keep other bows out of the discussion but you really need to consider the Mathews Prestige. I think that bow would do you the most good at your draw length!
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    lol good one!! :doh:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    What Dredly said, except the part about the hoyt Trykon being 3"ata:biggrin1: so now that you only need 1 Apex 7, we can be freinds again!:laugh: just kidding

    wish we had a Prestige at the shop to give you a better first hand experience......
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    Wow! Now that's what I call response. I really put it out there like the only 3 I wanted to know about because people can not seem to resist the "real" of their experiences. Thank you all for you responses, this is what I needed to know. And I apologize for the play on mind sets, but gentlemen, it had to be done. :peace: This is one thing I didn't know about. The A2A, that to me is what is important, and I am planning on doing the 3D shoots and outdoor shots as well, along with hunting, therefore, I am looking for a bow that can do all 3 of those parameters of archery as a whole. I am looking for what is "clean" in draw factors, light in weight and fast in "getting it done." I don't want to sink $$ into a sweat hog of a bow based on the "top of the line" equipment. I want what is feasable and reliant in the conditions of these 3 areas of interest. I do have a Pro-shop close by, and I can aquire the needed testing on several bows. Heck, if I have to drive to Atlanta which is an hour and a 1/2 away, or to Jacksonville Fla. to get it done, I do not care. As long as I get what is "right" for me. Without your imput, I would be lost in the water, and up the creek without a paddle. So, thank you and keep the comments flowing, your explainations are valid and well respected, due to your desire to "explain" in detail what, why, and how, it will benefit me. Again, thank you, and have a great time in helping me decide what I need.


    "Knock-Em-Down and Drag-Em-Home."
  8. Dredly

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    You know Chris, we have a lot of people that come on here asking for advice on new bows (me included :) ) - Maybe we can make up a good list of questions? or is gonna be covered in the article section?

    anyway back to the topic at hand...

    For what your looking for I would seriously look at either the Bowtech Allegiance or the SB (not CT or LD). they are probably the best, all around bows out there today.

    I'm not sure what you've heard about the "non-big3" but whatever it was its a load of crap. Here are some of my shooting buddies setups: (The ross is mine)

    Used Martin Shadowcat Extreme SE (26 inch draw at 58 pounds)
    Price: 425 TYD
    Total package setup w/ arrows: 650.00
    Speed: 240 FPS

    New Pearsons Exile (From MoNoFletch on AT) (26 inch draw at 65 pounds)
    Price: 375 TYD
    Total package setup w/ arrows: 550.00
    Speed: 265 FPS

    Used Storm Archery F-4 (28 inch draw at 62 pounds)
    Price: 150 TYD
    Total package w/ arrows: 400
    Speed - 275 (give or take)

    Used Ross CR331 (30 inch draw at 73 pounds)
    Price: 525 TYD
    Total Package w/ arrows - 675
    Speed - No idea haven't clocked it yet

    By buying last years bows you can save a fortune! give it a look also unless you have money growing on a tree in your backyard. In a lot of cases you can get a great hunting bow, w/ full setup for under 400 bux. Which means you can get a target bow also.

    There are a lot of benefits to shooting 2 different bows, here are some:

    1. Accessories! Why bother dealing with having to take you 12+ inch stabalizer on and off when you want to go shoot leagues/3d and then go hunt. same goes for sight, strap, arrow holder...

    2. Speed! I've only had a foam deer jump my arrow once (but I think he was warned in advance). Who cares if you have 90 pounds of KE when you shooting a racoon that doesn't move? Same goes for paper shooting

    3. Very short ATA for hunting and very long for target = perfect!

    4. Because you always need a backup, JUST IN CASE!
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    Dredly, thanks for all your help here. I didn't realize the limitations I was putting out there. I really will be shooting more tournaments than hunting, therefore, 2 bows is what I'll need. I have no problem pinching my wallet at 800 to a Grand to get the set ups I need. I have looked at more articles on the Alligiance, and I'm searching out the Prestige too. Also to the others who posted, thanks a million for you imput. This is great stuff you all are doing to help me succeed. Greatly appreciated, and hope to meet some you people.... I am near the ATHENS GA. area, and I travel a good bit to Jacksonville Fla where I'm from, and I go to the Charlotte area as well..... Let me know if we can contact and go shoot some in the future....
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    Holy Crap . . .

    I am new to this form but already I can see the benefits. I am in the market for a whole new set up. Last night I shot all 3 that were mentioned. I have to keep in mind that none of the 3 was set up for my draw length or tuned. And finding the right one for you is different then the right one for any one else. What kinds of questions should I be asking my self as I shoot these bows again? If I send a bundle of cash and I also am buying a bow for life I don't want to second guess my self. So to those of you that are really familiar to these set up's what kinds of questions do you ask you’re self as you buy a new bow?

  11. Ronhop

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    I asked myself a couple of things:

    1. How often am I going to use it ?
    2. How much money I want to spend ?
    3. What am I going to use it for ?

    I bought a Bowtech Allegiance because I planned on using it often, in the yard, 3D shooting, shooting with friends and hunting. Turns out that I pick it up and shoot it several times per week. Sometimes more than once per day. My budget for everything was around $900 US. I decided to spend the money on I guess what I would call a premium bow since you can always upgrade rests, sights, etc later. I purchased a used sight and rest to save a few bucks. I chose the Allegiance because the pro shop owner said it would be a good choice for an all around bow.

    I made 1 mistake, which I regret. My first 'modern' bow I purchased at Gander Mountain, with 'expert' advice from the archery shop tech. I purchased a Diamond Victory. He set it up incorrectly and the cable broke after about 200 shots. This was explained to me by Diamond's customer service rep after they examined the bow. Bowtech/Diamond replaced the limbs, even though they did not appear to be damaged, they also replaced the cable and string as well as the cam. Not sure why they replaced the cam but they did.

    From my personal experience, get advice from somebody who does this for a living and has a passion about it. Since I went to the local shop, I have received a TON of free advice and assistance. I might have spent $50 more for the bow there but I have received way more than $50 in assistance in return. Not to mention that I get some free shooting lane time, free bow checkups and adjustments and if the peep ever starts to creep they will help adjust it and serve it in again for free.

    I'm not a cheerleader, and will not be, for Bowtech/Diamond. I'm just offering my personal experience that somebody work with you to get the right bow for your needs and money and get it set up correctly.

    Good luck, and welcome to the site. I'm new as well and enjoy the conversations and advice I have found here.

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    :welcome: Ron, and thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am new here too, and this is the absolute best site I have been to in forever. I am making these same decisions now, Bowtech or Mathews, Allegiance or Switchback XT.... Because the one thing I have to decide is not money, it's draw length and poundage.... I called all over the place near where I live, and 2 out of 3 shops were rude beyond reason... I know it's at the start of our hunting season in GA. but man!!!! Come on with it, know what I mean? Anyways, this guy I talked to in South Carolina was absolutely fantastic... He didn't act short with me on the phone, and he was excited for me that I'm just now getting into this sport. He didn't even try to "reel" me in and sell me something. He did what you people are doing here, he shared his opinion, and unbiased at that, and offered me to come shoot all I want to find out what works for me. He is a Mathews and PSE dealer, and told me, If I bought a Bowtech, he'd still like to have me to service. I thought that was incredible. SO, in the few weeks I'm going to get over there, and shoot my butt off, (not literally) and see what I'm gona do.... I'm still slightly entertaining the Apex7, but with my draw length, I don't think it will make the speed I'm after...

    Cudo's to all, and thanks again,

  13. Shaman

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    I know you did not ask about other bows.
    But think about the AR35SD.