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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by kari_621, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. kari_621

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    Did anyone attend the Woodlands World 3D shoot in Farmington, PA??? If so, what did you think of it?? I work there and we want to make it as close to perfect as possible. ALL feedback is welcomed!!! :)
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    It seemed a little dangerous with the targets placed too close together. I was shooting open class and there were two shooting hunter and one shooting youth with me. It seemed dangerous when the youth shooter was up at his peg on, for example, target #4 and was about in the 2:00 position of the open class shooter on target #5. Also when we were pulling our arrows, there were quite a few targets only ten feet directly beside us with shooters shooting at them. I was caught several times waiting on the shooters at either the next target or the target before to shoot or pull their arrows. All of the shoots I have shot were never like this. However, as the day went on, everyone was using extreme caution which was good, but holding everyone up. In my opinion, maybe spreading out the targets, setting the shooting lanes so that you are shooting away from the other shooters both at the next target and your prior target, and maybe running the shoot two days (due to the big crowd) might make this shoot more fun for everyone. I personally was tense throughout the day due to the fear of getting shot, because it is inevitable that not every shooter can hit the target or where the arrow will end up if it would ricochet off of something. I have never shot an ASA style course, so I might be acting a little extreme as to the course layout, but I know that everyone I talked to had the same opinion as I have.