NEED TARGET BOW: Apex 7 or C4?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by swintj1, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. swintj1

    swintj1 Senior Member

    Okay...if I boil it down to the Apex 7 or the Conquest 4...which one is the best? I am about to pull the trigger on one of them, and there isn't a shop in hundreds of miles that stock either of these: SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. I am going to need to lean on your experience with the bows to knwo what to do.

    I will be using this for Target shooting 99% of the time. Weight, accuracy, and a smooth cam are my most important factors. My Hoyt Vectrix feels a bit too heavy for I was drifting towards a Matthews LD, but I've been hearing this might not be the best choice.

    So, please tell me your pick, and why you picked it. Thanks!
  2. jmaglowski

    jmaglowski 3D Machine


    I have both the Apex 7 and the Drenalin LD. Both are smooth bows. If you are looking for lighter then I would go with the LD. If you are looking for smothness of the cam and a nail driver go with the Apex. They are both great bows don't get me wrong. I like a heavier bow so the Apex to me is supreme. The difference is just shy of a pound difference. Don't quote me but I think the Apex id 4.9 and the LD is 4.1. I am know expert, just my personal opinion.

    best of luck!!!

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  3. UltraElite 06

    UltraElite 06 Vote for Pedro

    I think you will find either bow fully rigged for target shooting will weigh more than your vetrix that you currently feel is to heavy. You probably need to shoot your current bow more often to get the musle groups required in better shape. good luck.
  4. Rhustek

    Rhustek New Member

    x 2 on the weight!

    A fully loaded target bow has plenty of weight added, when you get done the weight will be less of a factor than your form and consistency. I am learning that as I go, I just bought an X-6 last fall for 3D and spot shooting, the bow itself is very light but with the stabilizers, sights, etc. the weight grows!
  5. rodney482

    rodney482 I love this stuff

    I would not trade my Apex 7 for anything on the market and it would take alot more money than it was worth before I would sell it,,,,,yeah i love it!