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    On this date in 12/7/1941 the Imperial Navy of Japan launched a surprise attack on multiple military bases across Hawaii. Including Pearl Harbor where the largest amount of destruction occured.

    This drew us into several years of brutal, bloody war the likes of which everyone hopes will never occur again.

    I was pretty impressed with this article - check it out
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    My Good Dreadly, If we do not remember where we came from how are we gonna get to where we want to go,like keeping our libertys. Tier are several in our country that would like to rule over us and bring us away from true USA Liberty.HS:thumb: :usa2:

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    We should all be thankfull for what each and every person in the military that has given their life both past and present for our freedom. It is sad that sometimes it takes articles like this to make us think this way. We should all thank GOD for this. We should all support our troops over-seas. This was a very touching article.