Never know who you will meet at a public archery range...

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    Yesterday (July 4) Hubby and I were there for our chance for some longer distance shooting, usual group of recurve guys were there. They must get up at crack of dawn (thought we did by getting up at 6am) because they had the 2 nice marked off lanes already. Well lucky there wasn't any fog or such (San Francisco = fog in summer) so the grass was dry and we got our self set up and were doing some shooting. Few hours later Victor says he's leaving so we scamper over to his lane and get set up there. Shortly after a group of folks sets up where we had left.

    Of course I see a few bows set up and have to go over and check it all out. Was a Mathews Apex and a Hoyt recurve, so this nice gal there and I started chatting it up and she had the neatest belt buckle. Turns out she makes them out of Cams...very cool indeed and she does the belts etc. We just started talking bout releases and just general stuff. She said she was coaching this fella that was there and I asked her to see if I was holding my arm right with the release. Well, then she starts with my form a bit and gave me some tips. Really nice gal, gives me a hug and goes back to her group.

    She had given me her website and and said if I was interested in a belt etc shoot her off an email.

    Later I find out I've been having a nice ole chat with Erika "Aya" class archer. She was also huge in the Japanese weopon world before she even got into archery. If you want to read about a very interesting and fascinating person please read on... Take some time and read her info...fascinating and I feel honored that I was able to meet her.
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    Is'nt it true. You never know who you will meet. Nice to hear you got some form pointers. And those belt buckles sound pretty sweet. Of course with my dunlap disease they may be a little painful.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    you got to meet a world class archer, I got into a confrentation w/the woman who has been jogging on our club property and jogs right behing our rifle range, even when people are shooting:doh: :doh: .....seems as though you had a better 4th than i did......:noidea: