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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Pinwheel1969, Mar 6, 2005.

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    hey guys!! im new to the forums. and am from michigan. I have some questions. I ve been shooting for 20+ yrs, and finally decided to try shooting in 3d tournys. what are the regulations and classifications. I'm sure I would be in the novice class or beginner. if theres such a thing. Ive been checking out some sites like ASA's site. i see there are different regulations for your bows. depending on what class you shhot in. I cuurently have a fixed 3 pin site. not sure what regs. on rests, arrows, stabilzers. also, if sponsership by bow manufacturers are need, any sponsers at all.
    Also, I see on the ASA site you'll be placed in novice to start. for new shooter. then moved up in class the next year if you win any cash or prizes.
    Thanks for all and any help guys.
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    If your local shoots are anything like ours in PA they are very relaxed on rules the classes are simple and explained at each club.Just go and enjoy after a couple you will see how they work!!

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    Grab your bow and go!

    When you get there, you will find all sorts of guys that are willing to help you out. A decent quiver, and a pair of binoc's is handy, bring spare arrows :) .

    After a couple of shoots, you will know what you want to do, and where you need to spend, and spend. Bad sport, bad.
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    I too am new on the 3D tournament scene. I shot two this year and attend 3 others. ASA, IBO and FITA. It still rattles me to understand the classes and each ones regs for what can and cannot be on your bow, fingers, etc for each class. It is FUN and the people are AWESOME. Good Luck to you!