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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Shooter1, Jan 2, 2006.

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    I am just getting back into archery again after years of (rest). I am an old recure bow shooter as a snap shooter. I did ok dropped a few animals and then I knda went the way of the Modern Arms shooter. Now I am going to try archery again. Well I purchased a Parker all set up 60-70 draw, all silenced, dampened, toxonics sights, drop away rest and release. Well me and my great wisdom decided to go out back and shoot a few. Well I got everything set up and ready to go (mind you I was told "make sure you don't throttle the bow"). Yeah, yeah I got it. I am getting ready to set the windage with the 10 yard pin, drew it back, took sight and let go. Well, I felt a little tinging on my left forearm, looked down and nothing there, nothing hurt, well, I guess I am doing some thing right. I had to do some adjusting with the sight as I was all the way down to the bottom of the target. OK made the adjustment drew back. took sight and low and behold that hurt like the dickens. I put the bow down and checked the arm. Man-oh-Man what a colour. Well I went to my brother-in-laws archery shop and after showing them my arm and getting the laugh :eek: and "I told you not to throttle the bow" speech I picked up and arm protecter. Went back out the next day and no more arm hits. I have shot the bow about 60 times so far and have not hit the arm yet, thank goodness. I just figured everyone would like a good laugh and I am sure said to themselves BEEN THERE DONE THAT.:).
    Looks like a nice site to Glean some good information so I think I'll hang around for a while.:)
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    It seem everyone that starts in archery gets one of those nasty welts once in their archery career.

    I'm glad you got an arm guard. My only concern is that the bow string is still hitting the armguard but your not aware of it.

    A properly gripped bow should not strike your arm with the string unless the draw length is too long or the brace height is very short.

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    Chris is exactly right on this one. Your draw length may be too long causing you to hyperextend your elbow, which would result in the string whacking your forearm. Check your grip as well, don't grab around the riser real tight. Try extending your fingers outward and letting them hang just relaxed.

    Might help.

    Shoot Straight!