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    A new archery book, and accompanying video (DVD or VHS), is entitled “Archery Shot Execution: A total muscle control approach” has just been published by Larry Skinner. In this book Larry presents what he feels is an approach to shot execution that will help either beginner or advanced archers that shoot recurve, compound, or traditional bows. The video was made to complement the book so that the words can better be translated to actions.

    For those that don't know Larry, he has won several national masters archery titles, but mostly he spends his time coaching archers across the United States, several of whom have been on U.S. national, international and Olympic teams (including 2-time Olympian Vic Wunderle and Compound 3D Pro Rodney Huffman).

    More information on both the book and video is available at

    It is currently available from the www site ( and USA Archery (
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    Thanks for the info. !!! I am always looking for ways to improve.