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    Well guys after shooting several different carbons I selected :decision: the PSE Radial X-Weave STL Hunter 300. :peace: Anyone here have any comments good or bad about them? I am shooting my bow now at 73# my arrows are going to be 29" w/blazers. They flew great out of my bow at 65# then my friend left that had them. And another friend showed up with some Fatboys he was shooting 70#. They did'nt shoot real well out of my bow so I up'd my DW to 73# and they shot pretty good. I wish I could have shot the X-Weaves at the 73# but if they don't like that much weight I will back it down a little. Oh well let you know more about they do next week.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I dont know about setteling on the length just yet, I would maybe take one of those arrows and start w/it at about 30 and a half and start taking of a quater inch at a time and try each length and find what shoots the best you may find that at 29 and a half the fly even better.....or 29 and 3/4

    Trust me I learned this from trial and error...:biggrin1:

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    Dont forget you can tune by tip weight also, Will be more weight differece, but it seems easy to swap some tips around, and you can always change them back, you cut your arrow 1/2 to short your stuck with it. I shoot fatboy 400s at 27 long with 80 grain nibbs, at 65 lbs out of my trykon, 286 fps and they paper tune with bullet holes, and group better then i can shoot them. But i know it differnt for everyone, its good your doing some testing, this will pay off in the long run for you!!