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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by joeygumbo, Dec 26, 2006.

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    The tech at my local archery shop set me up with some new arrows for 3d. I am shooting 61 # martin bengal. They are carbon xpress 200 with 75 grain screw in points. Total arrow weight is 336 grains. I am shooting them at 288 fps. My question is that the lighter arrows make my bow sound louder. This weight is 5.5 grains per pound which is recomended. I am wondering if I should shoot a 100 grain tip or does that make a difference.
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    I would not change the tips if the arrows are flying well. Messing with tip weight will effect your arrow spine which may cause arrow flight issues. Get yourself an aluminum 2219 from a friend or if you have one laying around and shoot it I'll bet your bow quiets right down.:biggrin1: But this arrow will not be the proper arrow for your DW. A lighter arrow does make a bow louder, and a heavier one will make it quieter. Good luck and have fun buddy.:peace:

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    Bowhuntn hit it pretty well. Shooting a heavier arrow will absorb some more of the energy produced by the bow making it more quiet. It'll also shoot slower. It's a trade-off of sorts. Another thing you can do if you so desire is to just add another set of string silencers on the string. This is adding weight to the string and should dampen it some more. It serves the same effect as shooting a heavier arrow. Of course, expect a slower arrow in the process.