New ASA New England Shoot - need input

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    Working with local ASA reps. Tiverton Rod and Gunclub (Tiverton Rhode Island) will host a regional ASA qualifier shoot Next year (2007)
    To set this shoot up an an "Event" we are looking for your input.

    Here is the plan as is: Friday night @ 10pm "Coon Shoot" shooting 2D targets using flashlights. (If you need more info about a Coon Shoot send me and email)

    Saturday 600 Round 15 arrows (3 5arrow ends @ 60yrds) 92cm target 10-6rings 15 arrows (3 5arrow ends @ 50yrds) 15 arrows (5 3arrow ends @ 40yrds) 15 arrows (5 3arrow ends @ 30yrds)
    Saturday 20 Marked 3D animal targets (known distance) clear lanes
    Sunday all day unmarked 3D 30 animals
    Club : (great club house kitchen open w/pro cheffs)
    Camping (class A - C campers, popups, tents etc) Nearby hotels
    Food and entertainment/ Gambling (Newport) all within 5 miles
    Date: unknown (has to be before August) preference?
    Need responses before first thursday in September(club meeting)