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    I am just starting to get into 3D archery and its time for a new bow. I have two in mind so far.
    they are the : Martin Jaguar


    : Reflex Highlander

    I know that the reflex brand is made by hoyt etc, but what I am really looking to know is what is the better bow. Is the reflex worth the extra money over the jaguar ?. If it helps, I am looking for a bow that an average sized man can use (I am 20, 5'11", 190lbs).

    Also if there are any other bows you would recommend that are not going to cost me an arm and a leg (new Hoyt and bowtech) that would be great.
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    First off, let me be the first to :welcome: you to the site...

    i think everyone on here would agree that when choosing a new bow, its best to go somewhere and actually shoot each one before you buy it. This is the only way to know which one is really best, because what i like and shoot best and what you like and shoot best may be totally different. If everyone shot the same, there'd be only one bow manufacturer...

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    Thanks for the response. trying them out would help if I can convince my local proshop (insert bribe haha). but I am also wondering, the money that I want to spend on the bare bow is anything up to 400 USD. So are there any you guys recomend ? if not taking comfort into account (even though its a large part).
    I am mainly looking at bows from Martin, Bowtech, Hoyt and Reflex. so hopefully somthing is within those price ranges.
    I also wouldnt mind shooting a used 2005-2006 high end model from these companies, just as long as the price is reasonable.
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    Howdy and welcome to the site!! Ill also say go shoot as many as you can if you have a local shop nearby, If you have 400 to spend on just a bear bow, id say you could get a great used highend bow, I know thiers lots of 1 year old bows set up with everything ready to go for $500ish, lots of hoyt trykons, ext, check all the clasifieds adds and maybe ebay. You will also need to know your draw length, as many of the newer bows are no longer adjustable, this is verry important to get a bow that fits you properly. I take a run to your local store and check some stuff out and ask some ?s befor buying though...
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    Hello and :welcome: to the greatest archery forum on the net.:rockon:

    Be sure to get to a proshop and get your draw length measured its even better to have a couple of shops measure you to see if they agree on the length. Next draw back a few bows to get an idea of the draw weight you will need. I would say the average male draws a 50-60 pound bow. But it must be comfortable for you so do not go higher than you feel you will be able to draw and remember as you shoot you will build up your muscles but if you have problems drawing a bow you will develop bad habits and poor form which will kill your chances of becoming a proficient archer.

    Ok you have $400 to spend on a bare bow. Several suggestion here buy a used highend bow or here is a list of some possibilities, mind you this is just my opinion.

    Fred Bear Instinct
    Martin Bengal
    Parker Buck Hunter
    Reflex Highlander or Buckskin
    PSE Nova

    So now after you have found a bow the real fun begins, getting it all setup with acc.(rest,sight,stabalizer,peep,arrows). Remember HAVE FUN
  6. yes shoot every bow in the world if you can before you decide!!!!
    check out these sites it might help you decide on a few: these are just a few there are alot out there. good luck with your decision:decision:
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    I had the same scenario as you about 3 months ago. I shot everything I could get my hands on. I suggest you do the same. My price range was exactly what yours is because I cannot see spending more than that when my ability is not that good. I decided on the Bengal and am highly impressed. It is smooth and quiet. It can shoot some speed but you will have to use an extremely light arrow 5.5 grains per inch.
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    i have an alpine rvx and i think it was 380. its a good bow , not the best but it gets the job done