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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by MNMike, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. MNMike

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    I am shooting an '05 Bowtech Allegiance but I am kind of thinking of getting a new one. I don't know why because I really like my old one but I am kind of a new toy person. For primarily hunting, are there any recommendations for a faster, smoother, quieter bow? I really like Bowtech but I'm not really brand loyal.
  2. jcmorgan31

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    I'm not familiar with the new Bowtechs although your '05's draw cycle is probably similiar to my '07 Synergy.

    If you want a faster bow than your Allegience with a smoother draw, take a look at the Elite GTO or Synergy XT. The new "energy wheels" that are used this year have an extremely smooth draw and are really fast.

    Bowtech has probably gained more speed and a smooter draw from '05 also.

    The PSE X-force is fast, but I've heard good and bad about the draw cycle.

    The Martin Slayer and Firecat both have new cam systems this year that are pretty fast and not too bad on the draw.

    Best bet is to get your hands on as many as possible and see which you like the best.... :thumb:

  3. Slippy

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    If you can't come up with the cash for a GTO, then get the Firecat for sure. GTO, best bow on the markey bar none. Firecat, best sub $600 bow on the market bar none.
  4. archerykid12

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    the general if you dont care much for speed but want a dead quiet bow with no handshock

    the 82nd if you like speed and a decently quiet bow

    the 101 airborne if you like longer ata and decent speed

    the hoyt kater/xl if you like a smooth bow thats a little on the heavy side but balances pretty good

    the mathews dxt if you dont mind the price and like a short light bow
  5. trussoni

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    mathews drenalin shooter here. shot a lot of bows before this one picked me. theres a lot of good bows to choose from out there enjoy the process i know that i did. the pse pulls back like a stalled ford though. check out the mission line theyre not bad if you dont want to spend tons of money and theyre made by mathews if youre looking that way at all.
  6. celticgladiator

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    i'm loving my BowTech Commander. smooth, quiet, no hand shock, forgiving. fast enough for me.