New bows for 2008

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by jgray82, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. jgray82

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    I am in the market for a new bow. I am looking at the new Matthews DXT, the Hoyt Katera XL, and the new Bowtech 82nd Airborne. Does anyone have any suggestions on which bow that they like the best.
  2. tnts79

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    Out of those three I would say the Katera, the most bow for the $$. The 82nds are good bows but the one we had in the shop seemed to be a tad louder than we liked. It really depends on your draw length and draw weight. If your shooting a 27" draw@60lbs. there are better bows out there for you. Post up your specs so we can give you better info.
    In my opinion the best hunting bows in order by model year.
    Hoyt Katera
    Hoyt Vectrix
    Bowtech General
    Bowtech Guardian
    Bowtech Allegiance
    Hoyt Trykon
    Mathews Switchback

    I am thinking about adding a General to my collection, just haven't convinced myself yet.

  3. jgray82

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    Currently, i am shooting a Browning Backdraft set at 70#'s, my draw length is 29 in. I am looking for a more compact bow that is quiet and fast. Thanks for the help.
  4. rqthunter

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    I have shot the Katera and 82nd. The 82nd is faster and has a more aggressive cam (obviously). I like the 82nd a lot and would have one if it had a shorter ata. The Katera is slower, but still a fast bow. If you like the Katera, you could get a Vulcan for an incredible deal, which is basically the exact same bow as the Katera. It seems that more people liked the Vulcan last year than the Vectrix, so they came out with the Katera for their flagship. I shot the Vulcan next to the Katera and the only difference was I could get the Vulcan for $500 compared to $750 for the Katera... they felt the same. I ended up getting a Mathews S2 this year because I love the original Switchback and the S2 is basically a Switch with a couple more fps IBO.
  5. dbdcougar

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    Which bow do YOU like the best is what matters.:rockon:
  6. Slippy

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    DXT has my vote. :rockon:
  7. MoSkeeter0311

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    Just out of curiosity... Why doesn't anyone ever mention the Diamond Marquis or the Black Ice. I've shot both and found them both to be smooth, no noticable hand shock and well worth the price. Am I missing something here. IMO they were as good if not better than the switchbacks and I'm not bashing any brand just curious.
  8. NerdHick

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    Its all about marketing...
  9. Chris

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    Your right, these are worth considering also.
  10. Dooby

    Dooby Scooby Dooby Doo!

    While this is true to a degree, I'd say that it's also about availability and exposure. Most shops carry Bowtech, Elite, Hoyt or Mathews so they are likely to get a mention. I'm sure the Diamond bows would get more mention if you had a chance to get some hands on them.

    Barring hands on time, though, there remains only advertising "time". There are so many manufacturers out there that it's boggling for someone only just getting into the sport (or back after years away). Choice is a wonderful thing...but choice comes at the cost of easy decisions.

    Every inch of draw over 30" makes the decision much easier.:decision: :decision:
  11. Bob4

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    Aint that the truth .:rockon:

    I have a new to me drenalin I shot for the second time tonight . Not overly impressed. But I think I'll start my own topic on this looking for opinions.
    Never a shortage here of those.