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    Stole this one from Marzomi on AT:

    I received my first two Synergy Extreme's fed ex yesterday. I set up the 30" er to do some chrono runs. First off the bow is a bit cleaner than the 07. Nicer limb pockets, cams look perfectly machined and such. Neally strings are a nice touch as well. The bow comes littered with bowjax. Jax on the cables, string, pockets, e-suppressor, cable slide, and limbs.
    The bow is super quiet, a drastic difference imo over the 07. No wonder with all the suppression everywhere.

    Now what everyone cares about...

    The bow does draw much smoother than the 07. My 07 weighs in at 69lbs and is quite stiff. The 08 weighs in a 70 and draws like a bow 10 lbs lighter with a very even cycle. Very well done Kevin!

    Speed. Bow was set up with a G5 peep a gibbs loop and the stock bow jax that come on the string an cables. 350gr arrows averaged 327fps and my 440gr hunting setup averaged 298fps. Interestingly enough, my 07 which is equipped with the same loop and peep but no jax on the strings or cables shoot the same 440gr hunting arrows at an average of 301fps.

    BUT, the smoothness of draw and absence of any noise whatsoever make the 08 an absolute winner in my opinion.


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    This bow has got to be vibration free... there are no less then 8 BowJax on the bow standard. +1 on the STS if you put one on there.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I am sure that if you looked, you could find some more places to put jax, I mean come on Mathews always finds a new place to put a dampener......:doh: :lol: :lol:
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    I want to see the Synergy extreme XL and here how it shoots. and I here they have a new Envy style of bow coming out that will break the 360 fps mark. But its just a rumor.
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