New England IBO World Qualifier

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    On June 21 and 22, 2008 Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club will be holding an IBO World Qualifier on its 350 + acres. The two day event will have 120 targets you will need to shoot 40 targets to qualify. The rest you can shoot for fun! If you want to shoot all 120 targets you first must shoot your qualifying round which means you will be starting on Saturday 21. IBO rules will be enforced on the IBO course. Bow draw weight and Arrow weights will be check in accordance with the IBO rules.

    If you did not attend last year we all had a great time! We had some pros shoot the course and they gave us thumbs up for a great course and for the overall running of the event. Some of there comments where that the shoot was better than any IBO WQ they had been too including the triple crowns. There will be vendors, specialty shoots for money (hint be sure to have a 80 to 100 yard pin) and raffles, as last year.

    Different from last year is the awards ceremony is on Sundays Dinner where the winners will be announced. Dinner will be from 5 PM ending promptly at 8 PM so we all can get home at a reasonable hour. The bar will be open before and after dinner for those who wish to partake. The bar will be closed during the event and no alcohol drinks will be allowed while the shoot is going on!

    What ----> IBO World Qualifier
    Where ---> WRGC - 92 Pine Street - Middleboro, Mass 02346
    When ----> June 21 & 22, 2008
    Contact --> Mike Erwin [email protected] or Dan Stoltz [email protected]

    MARK YOUR CALENDAR's June 21 and 22

    More information will be posted here as the date gets closer.

    Here is a map to Wankinquoah Rod and Gun Club - IBO World Qualifier - June 21 & 22, 2008

    Hope to see you at the event -

    Mike -:laugh:
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    Change of Email Address

    To All -

    We have a change in email address for Dan Stoltz form [email protected] to [email protected] . Please make a note of this change!

    Dan -:rockon:

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    Hi All -

    We have been getting requests for on site camping, unfortunately the local board of health does not allow it! However, there are all sorts of campgrounds in the area.

    We have been asked by out of state archers where campgrounds, state forest and hotels are in the Middleboro area for the IBO Championship World Qualifier on June 21 & 22. Below are a few web sites that will help you find a place to stay! All are within a 15 minute drive or closer!

    State recreation forest with campsites, Myles Standish State Forest is the closest.

    Private Campgrounds in the area all within 15 minutes drive!

    Middleboro hotels within 15 minutes drive!

    Hope this answered the questions you had on accomondations! If you have any other questions please email Mike Erwin [email protected] or Dan Stoltz at [email protected] .

    Thanks again for your interest!

    Mike -:noidea:
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    More Additions to the Archery EXTRANAGANZA!

    Hi All,

    I thought I would tell you about our latest addition to the Archery EXTRAVAGANZA event in case your club members had some interest! State Archery Association of Massachusetts (SAAM) the Massachusetts affiliate of USA Archery will be having the Massachusetts State JOAD and Open FITA Outdoor field archery event during our IBO World Qualifier on our outdoor range. For more information contact Bill Proctor President SAAM at [email protected] . The JOAD and FITA adds a new dimension to an already exciting weekend to the Archery Extravaganza this year!

    This promises to be the archery event of the year in Massachusetts. There is something for everyone we have the IBO World Qualifier; 120 target Fun Extravaganza, 60 targets each day; Mass. State JOAD & Open FITA; Tri-County league scheduled course on Sunday. We have free admission Sportsman Show with over 40 displays of outdoor sporting items. There will be free discounts from BassPro and Dick’s Sporting Goods. There will also be presentations, specialty shoots, beginners 3D course, IBO Money shoot off, raffles and much more! The Club kitchen will be open for breakfast and lunch, the IBO awards ceremony dinner is Sunday evening! Yes it is open to the public and It is FREE! So mark your calendars for June 21st and 22nd and get ready for some archery fun!

    Thanks for the time!

    Mike - :cool:
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    IBO World Qualifier & Archery Extravaganza!

    Hi All -

    Well this is the New England IBO World Qualifier Weekend! You have a choice of Qualifing on Saturday or Sunday on 40 IBO Targets! Course opens at sunrise last group out is 12:00PM both days.

    We also have 60 targets out both days for those less experience, call the Extravaganza! This is a fun shoot with no scoring shoot against yourself!
    Along with the 3D course there is a USA Archery/JOAD/OPEN field target envent going on both days!

    We have a FREE sportsman Show going on oth days with more than 40 Vendors. All sorts of outdoor sports equipment and services. There are specialty shoots, presentation, we even have a 3D course for New archers that want to try it out! Kitchen is open for Breakfast and Lunch.

    Come on down and join in on the FUN!

    Mike Erwin :cool:
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    Sure wish is wasn't so far away!!