new GT500 actual specs.

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  1. First of all I want to give a big THX to JCMorgan for helping me with this purchase. buying this bow through him was a very pleasant experience. Communication could not have been any better. even during the re-model of his workshop he managed to return my PM's promptly. I would recommend him to anyone. Now for the good stuff.... the factory specs on the bow were (according to Elite B.C.) 336fps@71.6# - 29.5" draw. Below is what I am getting after final tuning adjustments (after string was settled in) I used a digital grain scale that I know is accurate for the arrows and a CHRONY brand chronograph.

    Gt500 - 29.5"DL 71.6#
    String - truball superpeep w/ 1/8" aperature and string loop only
    Arrow - Easton Axis N-fused 340 402grs. average
    Speed - 321fps. averaged over 10 shots.

    Although speed is not quite what is advertised it is very close! otherwise performance is just as advertised, vibration free and very quiet. you'll notice that I didn't install any kind of string silencers, it simply doesn't need them. Anyway I hope these "real world" results help answer some of the questions some of you may have.
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    I'm glad you finally got the bow and that you are happy with it. That is the shortest amount of time any bow has been in my shop. All I did was take it out, look it over for blemishes, and time the cams. Then back in the box and to the post office.

    I just got in a Z28 and it is one heck of a shooter also. Both are nice bows :thumb:

  3. Well it was definitely appreciated. I had a ball with it this weekend and am now prepareing for a 3D shoot on 4th of july weekend.
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    Remember you are also shooting 50 Grains over IBO. :doh:

    Drop the arrow weight down to 350, then report back. :biggrin1:

    Oh yeah, congrats on the new toy! :rockon:
  5. Actually Archer

    I've sighted in with these arrows over the last few hours and am getting awesome groups!! I think I'm done testing and reporting I'm gonna take my 321 and these arrows and run!! or practice that is!! gonna shoot a friendly league tomorrow and try to bring home the bacon!!

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    I'm glad you like it. As long as you realize that the speed you are getting is less because your arrows are 50 grains heavier than what IBO speeds are tested at. :bowl:

  7. Oh Yeah

    I knew that, the reason I was actually expecting a little more speed at that weight was because the OnTarget 2 archery program calculated it out to 328fps. at those arrow specs. based on the advertised IBO rating. I'm not gonna sweat 7fps. when a bow performs the way this one is! Some guys are willing to argue thatmuch difference in speed could be due to CHRONOGRAPH variances....YOU know what I mean!!...:laugh:
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    did you add that heavy peep in On Target? 321 sounds about right to me with your setup.
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    did you guys think they were kinda loud out of the box....just bare string? I shot a couple the other day and thought they were pretty noisy. Loved the feel of it though....draw and shot were awesome.