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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Tonopah, Aug 23, 2007.

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    I'm new to archery. I have a Bear Truth bow 50 - 60 set at 56 pounds pull. I was shooting it with fingers and doing so so for a new guy. 29 inch draw. I could look through the peep and top pin and the first joint of my right thumb would snug just under my jawbone and it felt fine. Not hitting very consistently though.

    Then I went to a mechanical release. Now my right hand touches the back of my right ear in order for me to see through the peep, pin and to the target. Feels a little awkward but I am hitting a lot better and more consistently. I could keep shooting this way but I am wondering if I am doing it right.

    I am wondering if the peep needs to come down so that my hand can come down closer to my jaw. I plan on trying to find a knowledgeable teacher to show me the way, but in the meantime, I thought I'd post here.
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    When I got my new bow, the man had me draw back and get in a comfortable anchor then he marked the string and then he put the peep in.Hope this helps.:welcome:

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    Draw the bow and get to your comfortable anchor with your eyes closed. Open you eyes and have the somebody mark the string where you want the peep to go. You may have to draw the bow a few times and get to your anchor to be sure you're comfortable.

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    :welcome: T

    What is your draw length?. what is tha bows draw length.

    How to measures dl:
    1 pull your bow back 5 to 6 times to git loose
    2 now pull your bow back with an arrow in it. be careful
    find the comfortable spot you like. for me i put tha thumb under my jaw and my nose on the string.

    3 git some body to measure form the nock on the arrow to tha place on tha rest where the arrow lays on it to tha forward edge comes to.
    this is your Draw length.
    have them mark it with a pencil and then measure the arrow is easier.
    that will be from tha center of nock, that's where tha sting is placed. to tha mark on tha arrow.

    next set your bow cams ,if they have adjustable settings to your draw length. average dl's are 26" to 31"
    Bingo your in tha bow shootin' buz.
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    now that's great info there :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
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    hes right...sounds like your peep needs to be moved up the string. good luck
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    :welcome: and yes again.... draw a few times to be comfortable then have some one mark the string in your line of sight ..... peep goes there....

    ps. good instructions Smokes..... i saw he thread you need to enter that in for the 5.00 prize:usa: