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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by bfisher, Jul 15, 2004.

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    Just to let people know I'm around. A little history. Started shooting in 1972 and couldn't keep four arrows on a 4' target. This year makes 30 years I've been shooting compounds bows. Have never had one in a shop for work. The only thing I don't do is manufacture strings.

    Been a staff shooter for 11 years now, with four different companies, presently with Martin Archery.
    Presently shooting a SlayR, 27.5" draw, 55lbs doing 293+fps, IBO. Hunting setup is doing 280fps.

    I'm 57, retired, and not near the shooter I used to be, but still shoot nearly every day. I don't shoot competitively anymore, but for fun. What I enjoy most is helping people with less knowledge than myself, and often learning something new in the process. It's that "pass it on" thing that keeps me going.

    I work part-time at a Gander Mountain Store in Harisburg, Pa. in the archery dept. If your in the neighborhood stop and see me. I might not be there, as I only work a couple days a week.

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    Welcome to the Archery Forum. That Slayr is smoking for that draw length. This is the first Martin bow that cause me to do a double-take. I really like the looks of it and from your specs its a quick shooting bow. If it shoots half as good as it looks, they have a winner.

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    Your no stranger

    Hey there,really enjoyed your posts before on archery world,glad to see you have aquired some even better knowledge.welcome aboard,really need more guys like you on this website.
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