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  1. Hello everyone! I am new here and I was told to introduve myself here! Well my husband is actually a member here (Ridgehunter). He just bought me a bow so I could learn how to shoot! I just thought I'd check out this forum and see what I can learn.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    :welcome: sent you a private message but now that you told us who you were I have an idea were you are located.

  3. LOL! I sent you one back before I read this! Nice to meet you!
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    BowhuntnHoosier Bisquit.......

    Hey there

    :welcome: to 3DSHOOTS!!!!! And congrats on the new bow. This sport is very addictive and I am glad to hear you are going to be shooting with Ridgehunter, he is very lucky to have his wife getting interested in archery with him. :rockon: Just don't get frustrated when he keeps telling you the same stuff over and over and over.:tape: Have fun and enjoy this forum, if you have any questions just let'er fly plenty of fella's here that are wanting to help us less than great shooters. So tell us a little about yourself and your BOW. Just one thing watch out for that fella named BOWMAN he is trouble:laugh: Well bye for now.

  5. Well thank you BowhuntnHoosier! I really don't know what to tell you about myself...hmmm...I am a stay at home mom of two and am going to college for business administration. My kids take up pretty much all of my time. The bow that Corey bought me is a Mathew Genesis..and yes it is pink/purple(its called wildberry). I have been around hunters my whole life..not really sure why I haven't gotten into shooting til now. If I were to get into hunting I would want to bowhunt but I am not sure if I could pull enough weight to hunt.
    Well I guess that all there is to tell for now..If you want to know anything else you can just ask!