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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Drill Sergeant, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Drill Sergeant

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    Hello all!! I'm new to archery and could use some advice.

    My oldest boy is expressing a lot of interest in guns and bows. I have a few guns (see screen name) and he's been to the range with me a few times, although I only let him shoot once (hit the target too), which is what he wanted. He shot a bow at a Ft. Smith, Arkansas Outdoor Museum and still expresses interest. What are your thoughts to getting him a small bow? He is 5 1/2. We live in city limits, so I believe it's something we could do in our backyard.

    Now onto me. I've always like bows and have only shot some, but have enjoyed it. I'm 38 year old male (sounds like I'm applying for a date) weigh 190. My arm span is 73 1/4 inch finger tip to finger tip, height is 5'11 3/4". So, I'm figuring 28.5 -29" draw.

    My only concern for pulling is that I have a separated right shoulder. Is there anyone out there that also has a separated shoulder and still shoots bow? I still workout and it doesn't bother as much if I keep the muscles strong. Additionally, I'm left eye dominant, but can switch as I've always shot rifle right handed. So, with a separated shoulder is it better to pull or hold with that arm.:noidea:

    I am not afraid to start out with a used bow at minimum pull to see how I like archery and determine how my shoulder hold up.

    Thanks, :sorry: for the dissertation.
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    First off, :welcome: :welcome:

    I would think that holding with your bad shoulder would be more comfortable for you. It would really be up to you to see which is more comfortable. I would recomend going to a pro shop and shooting some bows, both right and left handed and see which one that you feel better with.

    The good news is that with todays bows, you don't need to pull 70 or 80 lbs anymore. Most bows are plenty fast enough to do anything that you want to do at 60 lbs.

    I am not that up to speed on the youth bows, but I think that the Genisis line of youth bows are pretty good. My girlfriend has a 7 year old boy and I am looking at getting him a bow so that he can shoot with us.

    Good luck and welcome again.

  3. dbdcougar

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    Darton Ranger and the Browning MicroMidas are options as well for him.
  4. J.Blay

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    If you can, go to an archery store. Tell them what you told us and they should let both of you shoot a variety of bows. Most of us upgrade after a year or two, so I wouldn't worry about getting the best. When you figure out what works for you, you can shop elsewhare later, if need be. If you're happy with the way you were treated, remember the archery store when it's time to buy accesseries or get a better bow. Service and experience is why I go to the pro's.
  5. Drill Sergeant

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    There is a local store here that I checked out today. While there prices are generally not great, their bow area is pretty good.

    I'm currently talking with the sale gentlemen and he has been extremely helpful. He's let me try out a BowTech (package deal) and a Bear, so far. He's even said he will help me out with my form. So, I think I'm going to go with these guys as he's being very helpful. Additionally, one of the guys at work likes him, says they are very helpful and there service is great.
  6. Daniel Boone

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    Drill sargent

    Go see my good friend Chris Hacker at Gellco in Fort Smith. I shoot his range at Fort Smith on occasions. Chris knows archery and your very lucky to have such a skilled pro shop mamager in your area. Good pro shop is priceless. Maybe will hook up and shoot some 3d next year at River Valley Bowhunters right there at Fort Chaffey. Always love to see and meet others.