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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by dixie_texan, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Hey guys I want to get into archery but not really sure what to look at. I'm looking to get a moderate bow. Don't want a super beginner bow, but not looking to get the craziest one out there. Any suggestions or feedback would be great, and also what kind of price range would I be looking at?
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    Do you know your Draw length or Draw Weight? Are you going to hunt or just shoot targets? Do you have someone that is aready in archery that could help you? What is your price range? Just a few questions for better help :biggrin1: Good Luck!

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    A big Dixie welcome to ya Tex. Good ta have ya on here ..

    There are some good bows out there at reasonable rates.
    It would be good ta go t a Pro shop ,Archery Shop and let them show ya around and make sure ya git tha right size fer yore needs.
    You can plan on $400 ta $600 depending on if ya get new or used. ya can git a good bow used for some fellars trade bows every year. Mathews, Martin, PSE, High Country, Bowtech, Alpine, are a few. They also make another model in another name and some of these boys here will hafta tell ya who because I don't keep up with it. But they are some good bows.

    Hang a round and enjoy our archery family that you are soon ta meet.
    The Best ,Smokes :smokin: :welcome:
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    Like they said...You need to know what type of shooting you want to do...and what your price range is...There are a ton of good used bows out there

    Do you have a archery shop near you??? You really need to handle some bows and see what feels good to you...then you can look for a used one...