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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by bennysupreme, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. diamond rapture package $525

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  2. parker wild fire EP $545 package

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  3. parker hornet 2 plus $600 package

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  1. bennysupreme

    bennysupreme New Member

    I move from FLA. to CO. I can not golf in the winter and would like to start shoting a bow. I will be shoting on the us airforce academy archery range and maybe hunting next year. i want to be out the door around $500 to $700at most for every thing i need.

    it needs to be durable becuase i will be practicing alot


    Airman Bennysupreme
  2. Wheely

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    Just wanted to say :welcome: to the forum!

  3. Pinwheel1969

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    check the new Pse Stinger for best bang for the buck.
  4. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?

    i agree!

    the stinger check it out!:biggrin1:
    But we are PSE Guys so 2 be open minded
    with that kinda budget u shouldnt narrow it down to just 3 bows shoot them all and buy the 1 that feels and shoots the best 2 u
    Have a great 1 and:welcome: to the forum:wave:
  5. bennysupreme

    bennysupreme New Member


    the pse stinger is one of the dows that i will be shooting this week just want more ideas.

    thanks for the help will have many more ?....

    Airman B
  6. J.C.

    J.C. New Member

    I would'nt recommend the Parker Hornet 2 plus. That bow has a very low brace height and an agressive cam with no valley. Of the other two, I'm partial to Diamond, but I agree that you should look at the Pse Stinger also.
  7. IChim2

    IChim2 IChim2 and he's a shooter

    Welcome to the site....lots of good people on here with good advise.GL
  8. lungcutter

    lungcutter Senior Member

    :welcome: I say shoot as many bows as you can and then make up ryour mind as to the bow you want. Don't buy a bow from an add in a magazine, buy 1 that you feel comfortable with when you shoot.
  9. two_shoes

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    :welcome: What part of the state are you in? I live up north of Ft. Collins. There are a number of shops in our state. If you are in the Springs area, I might try to get someone down there I know to give you the low down on the local scene.
  10. ace7038

    ace7038 New Member

    I made up my mind what I wanted after reading articles in hunting magazines and looking at adds in the mags. I hadn't shot a bow since high school (more than 20 years) and I went online and found out how much and how long to get it and all that stuff. I went by a place I used to have my Mom drive me to (didn't have a drivers license yet) one day and just stopped in. I told them what I was looking for and they had one but wanted me to look at others. I shot four different bows in the next couple of hours and I left without a bow to look for a shop that had one other bow that they recommended to me (so much for all the reading and narrowing it down to just one). I went to another shop and they said buy the bow and we'll help you get it set up and shoot it in our range for $8/hr? I went back to the first shop a week or so later and bought the bow I did the research on from them. they helped me sight it in in their range and helped me with my form for a couple of hours. I went to pay them and they said for what? thats all included, if you don't know how to shoot properly you'll never be truly happy with the bow. I have since bought the one of the other bows they let me shoot used and I have to admit I like the first one the best (Mathews Swicthback) but I can shoot just as good of a group with the Hoyt as well.
    I would say buy a package, it will cost you a little less than putting all the pieces together and you will have something to shoot with. You may decide after you shoot a few thousand arrows that you want something specific and there will be someone wanting to start out who will buy your package bow from you when you trade up. I would look at PSE as well. I bought my boys A Bear Odyssey II for Christmas and my wife has started to shoot it as well. You never know what is going to happen with these things when you start.
    Sorry so long I knew no other way to say it all as I am really a beginner with a couple years experience.
  11. QSA

    QSA One eyed/Gutless wonder

    Ok I would put the money onto a good mid level bow. That will open up a lot for you. Bare bow that is. Here is my thinking. I have not seen a package deal with the sights and rest I like together. You buy a good cheap sight and rest now. Get to shooting and look around. It is cheaper to upgrade the rest and sights after you get to shooting and use to the bow. Then you find the sight that suits your shooting style best same with the rest.
    So if you had 700 for a bare bow. Man you can find all kinds of good bows. Just think about it and look around at what you can get bare bow wise. Because I know a cheap rest and sight can be gotten for 50 dollars.