New to tourny's need advice

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    I have been bow hunting for about 15 yrs, and have shot a few 3-d shoots and have shot some small local indoor leagues . But i have always wanted to go hard with target shooting so I am buying a target bow and setting it up and getting ready but my ? is. I have been looking online and there are so many different organizations and assotiations (i think i miis spelled that, but anyway) out there i dont know which one to join or if i need to join any or how the tourny system works any advice? that and I live in central texas around Madisonville ( Normangee, Tx.) and dont know where any feilds are to practice, besides my back yard and pasture. Another thing is to shoot in any big shoots do u have to have a sponser or not? thanks for any advice and help it will be greatly appreciated!!!!!:help: