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    Well last night I bought a new BOW. For 17 years now I have been shooting a XI War hawk. Time for a new one right, any how I have shot the top 3. Hoyt, Bowtech and Mathews. There is quite a difference between 17 years of bow technology let me tell you. I have read all of the posts on the pro's and con's for these brands but all in all it is a win win situation. I settled on a Hoyt Trykon XL. But I want to be fair and say that I gave all 3 a chance. I shot all 3 side by side and at least 100 arrows through each. So to add to my collection of toys I had a Trykon XL bow, Eastman full metal jackets (12), fuse sight (nexis), quiver and stabilizer, Trophy ridge drop zone rest. 28 inch draw, 400 gr arrows, 60 lbs. 80% drop. I will yet be changing the string and pulley to winners choice in the next few days but am looking forward to lots of shooting in the back yard.

    My archery team has a drinking problem and my drinking team has an archery problem.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    You will be happy with the decision......hopefully:biggrin1:

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    Wow thats cool, congrats on your new toys!! good choice on the bow, i have the trykon and love it!!!!