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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by Electrobes, Feb 9, 2008.

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    Hey y'all (Practicing this here accent of mine)

    I recently moved to South Carolina from Florida and am now in country territory... and love it. I am into airguns but a friend of mine got me interested in this small town's sport: Bowhunting. I decided to get a bow but figured not only would I get opinions from my friend, but out here too. I am basically looking to hunt rabbits, squirrels, possibly hogs. My friend claims he'll get me into deer, but we'll see about that. :D

    Now there's a store here (in town) that has a nice bow section, and the people there seem straight forward to me. Old timers who like to tell interesting stories and seem to know a lot of stuff, always willing to give you advice. Here is their website for bows:

    Since I am a beginner I'll see if they have something used for my size (6', 185 lbs). From what you guys see in that store... would you suggest something from there (As they only carry 3 brands) or suggest getting a bow online? I know they have more bows than what you see (They are only showing packages), and my budget at the moment is about 400 bucks.

    Appreciate the input!
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    My best suggestion would be to figure your budget on what you wish to spend ($400)and then go to as many ProShops and talk to the people there and shoot as many bows as you can. Every bow has it's own feel and after you've shot quite a few you'll start to see which feels the best to you.
    Picking out the "right" bow is an individual process and must feel right to you. Don't get hung up in the brand name war. All the companies now days make good bows and each has it's Pro's and Con's.

    Also a good site to go to and read (I'm not suggesting to buy your bow there) is hunter's friend. Read in the "technical Help" portion and it explains a lot about brace heights, draw lenghts arrow spines etc. Good place to start a knowledge base.