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    a couple buddies and i are starting a 3d shoot the first of march and i was wanting some opinions on what everybody likes to see in a shoot. and also what everybody thought about average yardages they like to see. i have heard that the max for open and release should be 40-45. i thought that open should be 50 for the max on some bigger targets. thanks a bunch :rockon:
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    First let me say Welcome...
    Secondly, These are some IBO guidelines...
    Shooting stakes:
    Blue- PMR, PRF, PMF, PSR, SPM, SPF – maximum of approximately 50 yards.
    Orange - MBO - Orange Stake - maximum of approximately 50 yards.
    Green - FBO, FBR, FSR, MBR, MCU, MCBH, YMR 15-17, MBF, MSR, and X- BOW - Green Stake maximum of approximately 45 yards.
    Yellow - HC, FHC, HF, SHC, YMR 13-14, YF and FY. Yellow stake maximum of approximately 35 yards.
    White – CUB, FTRD, LB, PCBH, RU, TRD AND YTRD. White stake maximum of approximately 25 yards.
    Red – AHC Red stake maximum of 40 yards.

    I personally like some tricky shots...Through gaps in trees...over knolls
    a couple clubs by me have Blind and treestand shots(the stand is only 7" off the ground like a standard step. but it is set up so you're not shooting straight on the target)
    Everyone is different...I like hunting scenerios...alot of top gunners around here like far shots that are in wide open lanes...???
    Hope this helped,


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    keep it interesting......for example....try not to put 5. 35 yard deer in a row, then a 25 yrd racoon then 5. more 35 yrd wouldnt think it was a problem but I have been to shoots like that......

    also on your first shoot, dont get crazy putting all targets way out there, remember some people are just getting there bows out for the first time in a while and if every shot is 40yrds and they loose/break alot of arrows, they wont have a good time and will in turn tell their buddies how tuff the course was....and trust me thats word of mouth that you dont want.....

    keep it simple for your first will have enough otherthingsto worry about remebering.....

    the guidlines I go by at my club are:
    top gun....50 yrds max
    open....45 yrds max

    remember the top gun does NOT always have to be farther than the open....Maybe just more challenging.....if you every once in a while changeit up so the top gun is easier onsome targetsit really throws people off....:biggrin1:

    something we started doing atmy club was putting outa comment sheet for people to leave their thoughts about the course.....

    also a huge one.......

    when setting up a course, i dont care how familier you are w/the surrounding area......have a bunch of people there to help put the course up in a safe manner.......have a person stand at a target and have someother people go to the targets nearby andstand at the targets and shooting stakesand make sure there is no way for there to be some one in line getting arrows out of another target while you are shooting a different one......

    we had this happen at our club w/2 targets that wearnt even close to each other in number order.....we actually had to movethe hole course slightly....
    so takeit from someone who recently just went thru what you are doing.....

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    now remember max yardages do not have to apply to novelty shoots.....such as.....this is our bonus shot at my club.....we stand in our raised trap house and shoot out on to our 100 yrd range.....never know exactley where we may put the target......guys were nailing this thing the first shoot we had.....
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    Here is some advice on the treestands you will want some type of liaibilty insurances.I backed off of one trying to pick a hole thru the brush back in the mid 80's and fell the steps caught me. . I did not sue . Keep yourself covered. This can be a fun and rewarding timw so go for it. HS:welcome:

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    water station

    also here is an idea that every club should follow....especially on long or tuff walking courses
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    by far my favorite shots are the treestand type...our local club holds their shoots in an area that is mostly timber with pretty deep ditches, they build a small platform (approx. 4'x4') for the shooter to stand on at the top of the ditch with the target down at the bottom...they also have some homemade metal portable stands that are moved to different parts of the course at different shoots. i think if you can find a way to incorporate a few treestand type shots, it would make the shoot a lot of fun...

    shots that are a tight sqeeze between trees are fun...our club also has a shot that is through a small window in a wall of brush and branches, simulating a natural ground blind...those are both really fun as well.

    also, when i go to pull arrows out of the targets, i like it when there is something to hang my bow on on a nearby tree. really makes me nervous to lay a camo bow on the ground....seems like theres almost always a close call of someone almost stepping on someone elses bow.

    Good Luck with your shoot!
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    sure appreciate all of the insight:peace: