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  1. Greetings, this is my second season bowhunting (nothing harvested yet), and first season on the 2 properties I now hunt. I have been in the woods since 8 Sep and have seen a grand total of 4 deer. I don't get it...I practice scent, noise, and motion control and feel I conceal myself pretty well. There are deer trails and obvious bedding areas on the private properties I hunt, but very little sign in the way of droppings, tracks, rubs, scrapes, etc. The prerut should be starting up right about now...I am mainly interested in meat/hides right now. Should I stay hunting the same property or find a new spot to scout from scratch and hang a stand? :noidea:
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    You can't shoot what isn't there.....if you not seeing deer....move.

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    If your sitting on a WELL paved deer trail, and your taking scent precautions and not bumping a bunch of deer on your way in and out then it's just a matter of time before something walks by. However, if you continune to bump game on your way in and out you will see less....a lot less.
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    Trails and beds may be other creatures too. Has it frosted there?
    Have you used a trail cam to determine for sure who, and when, the trails are being used?
    What times are you entering? You can jump deer and never know it.
    How big are the properties? What forage areas are near? Water? Any other people pressuring the land?
    What kind of stands? If a climber you can reset easy, I'd try a different spot based on the answers to above.
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    I would!

    Stick it out 1 more week and hunt it hard!
    Nows the time if something is goinna happen and if you seen does bucks are gonna chase them NOW!:biggrin1:
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    yup bucks love them little sweet does
    and nature is at its peak and i can't hunt till tues:Cry: :Cry: :Cry:
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    2 months and uve seen 4 deer? id find a new spot
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    May I beg a ? of you
    would you explain your scent control; and approach ta tha stand.
  10. Sure...I shower with scent-free bar soap (I shave my head, so don't use shampoo at all!), use a base layer of X static fabric, usually wear another layer for whatever weather conditions are going on, then a military charcoal-lined chem suit, then a leafy suit over that. I wear knee-high rubber boots and an X-static balaclava, then sometimes the chem suit hood on top of that. I only wash my base layer after each use in scent-free detergent and vinegar, which dries totally scent free. The rest of the stuff I air out and stick in a hunting bag filled with dirt and leaves. I also spray down my exterior, boots, and equipment, including my tree stand, with scent killer spray. I've started brushing my teeth right before I leave the house to sweeten up a bit. :biggrin1: I'm going to start using your clorets trick, too!

    As for the approach to the stand...depending on the weather (I'm in Maine) I put on the lower layers and keep the upper layers off except the base layer to try and prevent sweating while walking in. At one location, I walk into the wind, across a field (I only hunt it in the evenings, not wanting to spook anything out of the field if they're bedded - there are visible beds and trails through the grass field) and into the treeline and up the tree within 50 yards of the treeline. The other property, I use the only entry into the property which is a deer trail...and unfortunately it is usually up wind of a protected bedding area surrounded by a winding stream. But then I get beyond it and head up to a one stand location close to a food plot on the adjacent property! It seems like a perfect set up, I overlook scrub/thicket which is surrounded on the far side by that winding stream. I don't know anything about the food plot, but the turkeys sure love it! I am still upwind of the food plot, though, and what I am hoping in the afternoons is that deer will follow the trail infront of me into the food plot from upwind of me. I have used 5 other locations on the property to try to figure it out, but have only seen the 4 deer mentioned coming out of the bedding area surrounded by the stream which is down the ridgeline I described and further upwind.

    I know this it way long, but there you have it! I don't get it...:frusty: Thanks for all the input from everybody!!!:thumb:
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    Hang in there and it'll all come together.This time of year the deer are doing a lot of different things......what was going on a month ago may be a total different story now.Doe's are comming/some are already there into heat and every thing/patterens changes once that starts happening.